North Star February 3 2016 solar photovoltaic network news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary February 3 news, photovoltaic or tight first song after this year, new energy capacity 2015 year power than ever-increasing equipment utilization hours of a 38-year low, China PV total import volume over Germany as the world’s first, and so on, as follows:

PV or tight after the first song of the year

New energy capacity by 2015 than the ever-increasing power generation equipment utilization hours of a 38-year low

Total import volume of China PV power over Germany as the world’s first

“Tracking” solar fire: main burned over an area of about 600 square meters of solar panels

Polysilicon prices depressed Japan Enterprise de Grande lost billions of Yen

Developers are seeing solar energy! Baoan real estate development increased no more than 9.5 billion with photovoltaic industry

Electricity prices in 2015 some typical solar-thermal power station

2016 energy predicted that the new energy landscape but still not too “over the Hill”

Implementation of the ten-year anniversary of the renewable energy law: legal force in the rapid

PV industry how to change the current situation of the development of a State-level poverty-stricken counties?

Jinzhai County leads the County’s energy transition grant to create the first high proportion of renewable energy demonstration counties

Cooperation method: photovoltaic proud nuclear power down

Hong Kong University of science and technology developed a record of solar cells

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