Polaris solar network on February 4 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary February 4 News, photovoltaic industry mergers and acquisitions accelerates, United States PV double reverse review May 2014 or results, this 8 kinds of photovoltaic companies most likely to close in 2016: not, maybe is you! And so on, as follows:

PV manufacturing mergers accelerated

United States or early 2014 PV double reverse review May result

These 8 PV enterprises most likely to close in 2016: not, maybe is you!

Anhui Province Energy Department about 2016 the first “build-first” list of distributed PV option announcement

Shanxi Jincheng City Bureau of science and technology on local PV record enterprise products to enhance the management of the

Photovoltaic power generation into the great wall of Ming dynasty by the National Heritage Board approval

Photovoltaic solar power plant projects announced joint proceedings in progress

Google test 5G solar-powered unmanned units 40 times faster than 4G times

Spain giant abenge present a recovery plan to avoid bankruptcy

Guide to PV project development and construction in Sichuan province

Hefei in the country take the lead in exploring “PV countryside” poverty alleviation

Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province: total installed photovoltaic stepped on “hundreds of megabytes” new level

American renewable energy generating capacity to increase the percentage this year is expected to reach 14%


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