PV construction funds for poverty alleviation Anhui Province has implemented

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, this reporter learned from the poverty alleviation Office of Anhui Province, as at December 31, 2015, the province’s implementation of PV about 1.2 billion yuan construction fund for poverty alleviation, the cumulative household 31350, 94,000 megawatts of photovoltaic power station built, construction 201,720-kilowatt photovoltaic power plant this year, 6 such as jinzhai County PV pro-poor focus to support County.

2015 is the first year of implementation of PV poor Anhui Province, province in jinzhai, yuexi, and Leysin, Funan, SI 5 County pilot PV for poverty alleviation. 28343 household PV power station built that year, 85,000 kW; built 307, 18,400 megawatts of photovoltaic power station at the village level. PV poverty since the implementation of total incorporation 37,400 kW in the province, including: residential photovoltaic grid-connected power station 8918, 26,800 kW, village-level photovoltaic grid-connected power station 170, 10,700 kilowatts of total power generation 19.653 million kWh, issuance of tariffs and subsidies for poor Internet 19.299 million Yuan. In addition, by working towards the national Special Fund and the provincial power company’s own funds, arrange 31 key County rural power network modified 5.584 billion yuan, 1620 completed a poor village power grids upgrading; of 23.35 million yuan of special funds for the construction of village PV power plant out of the line.

This year, continued in 31 major County, Anhui Province, choose construction of 50,000 poor household PV power station, select 862 poor village PV power plant at village level, totalling 201,720 kW; select counties from funding and the planned targets should be focused on supporting, Xiao Lixin, Funan, and, and, and, and in jinzhai County, SI, yuexi County 6 PV pro-poor focus to support the County County. To ensure that the poor villages, and the poor really benefit, PV deployment for poverty alleviation, according to Anhui Province, village-level power plants must be built in poor villages, power stations must be supported without labor, no resources, no stable source of income for the poor.

Original title: photovoltaic construction funds for poverty alleviation, Anhui Province has implemented 1.2 billion yuan

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