Solar monkey needs most grain prices continue to rise

Arctic star solar PV network news: with China gradually has large power station to using Crystal, and Rob loaded tide is arrived tail end, TrendForce its new energy career at EnergyTrend research Deputy acting Lin Yan capacity said, lunar years Hou of polysilicon tablets, and battery tablets, and component price has to flat; most upstream of polysilicon is for regardless of is single, and polysilicon tablets are needs hot and continued spread produced, rendering short-term supply tension of status, price rose dramatic.

United States by suspending the operation of solar and wind alternative power clean electricity to reduce carbon emissions plan (CleanPowerPlan,CPP), as well as the Japan FiT in the new year (Feed-inTariffs, wholesale purchasing subsidized price benchmarks) cut announced soon, certified plant is not installed but the grace period has not been announced, adds some uncertainty to demand this year.

Poly bottom, Mono and multi film competition

EnergyTrend latest offer showed that benefited from single and polycrystalline silicon wafer demand ends, and in late January, China polysilicon prices rebounded quickly, sold approximately at the level of RMB104~106/kg in early January, after the Chinese new year has reached RMB115/kg, and major manufacturers have little inventory, price is continuing to try.

Silicon parts, with the transfer of part of the demand to the Crystal, polysilicon shortage situation has slightly eased, prices from rising to flat since the fourth quarter of last year. Although Silicon is still the State of oversupply, so longi, central large capacity has not been in place, the silicon chip moments to supply, expectations will rise in the short term. Combined with polycrystalline silicon wafer market weakened slightly after falls in the second quarter, markets in the second quarter is expected to be back into the polysilicon price per piece just below the Crystal situation.

Polycrystalline products more wait-and-see, single crystal is expected to price Qi Sheng

Cells, components factory is just after the lunar new year, only maintaining order years ago continued production, years later, new orders are still wait-and-see posture. As time has entered the first season only comparatively strong price support in the second quarter, expect mainstream polycrystalline cells, components can be China demand was full, but the prices will become more vulnerable as the overseas season has passed.

“Crystal” silicon wafers and cells are relatively few suppliers, China’s domestic power demand for single crystal is expected to increase this year from 15% last year to 25%, making single Crystal product prices are strong, within a short time showed a trend of modest gains.

Original title: solar needs change after the lunar new year, grain prices continue to rise

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