Baoan property to be renamed Dong Xu lantian new energy in 2015 revenue of nearly

Polaris solar PV net news: entering in late March, the a-share listed companies began intensive of year 2015 report. Recently, the Baoan real estate release annual reports, company revenue 1.666 billion yuan by 2015, rose 60.7% and net profits of 62.0496 million Yuan, and rose 16.7%. Basic earnings per share was 0.13 Yuan. On the secondary market, as of market close on March 29, in the case of market weakness of the overall market, Bao an estate at 11.17 Yuan per share, bucked up 0.72%.

The reason for higher performance, Baoan Estate said in the annual report, the company’s real estate business during the reporting period a large increase in profitability.

And this is also disclosed in the annual report, according to the company’s PV, real estate pair of main strategic deployment, Baoan District real estate company proposed to be name “kai, Baoan group” changed to “Dong Xu lantian new energy.”

Real estate + new energy dual core business operations

Bao ‘ an estate for 2015 is a landmark year in the history of the company, the company completed the ownership structure adjustment, Dong Xu group become the controlling shareholder of the company. Meanwhile, Dong Xu new energy investment limited acquired 100% shares of the company, Dong Xu photovoltaic business segments of the group to undertake.

On October 26, 2015, Baoan District Real Estate Board considered by large shareholders of the acquired company Dong Xu Dong Xu new Energy Corp asset resolution, along with the non-public offering plans, raise no more than 9.5 billion yuan investment in building capacity for PV 1.15GW.

Baoan real estate said that with the implementation of PV power, real estate and company formed a new layout of new energy dual business operations, to create a new profit growth point.

After only six months on March 23 this year, Baoan real estate private equity Committee made by the application of the SFC approval, assists the company’s rapid development in the field of photovoltaic.

In addition to this offering vote project 1.15GW involved in PV power plant project, Baoan estate follow-up will be developed provinces and cities and reserves of various types of PV power station project, involving ground centralized, distributed and many other types of distributed, the roof on the ground.

“Solar PV is the most promising clean energy, in addition to cleaner and renewable properties, PV also has obvious advantage compared to other new sources of energy. “Big Wang Wenxiang said the Fund, under the national policy support, optimistic about investment prospects of downstream power station operators and related equipment manufacturers.

Five consecutive years of dividend

In recent years, the regulatory agencies to improve advance cash dividends of listed companies rewarded investors, increasing cash dividends in a number of listed companies in the distribution plan.

2015 distribution released Baoan, according to real estate show: companies take distribute cash dividends on profits that year, to December 31, 2015, the total share capital of the company as the base, proposed every 10 shares to distribute cash dividends to all shareholders of 0.1 Yuan (including tax), bonus stocks 0 shares, not a provident fund be converted into equity.

Prior to this, from 2011 to 2014, Baoan property has generous dividends for 4 years, the cumulative dividends reached 51.6553 million Yuan.

As for the future, Baoan property that, in the short term, corporate real estate and solar PV power plant business independently, establish the business competitive advantage product, exploring the integration of photovoltaic business and real estate business. More important of is, company will active development solar PV power business, and in fast construction and holds more mass of PV power station of based Shang, based domestic PV power market, through integration industry Shang downstream industry chain, active layout set project development, and project financing, business for one of service provides platform and a station type solution programme, is committed to build became global leading of green energy integrated service provides business.

Original title: Baoan property to be renamed Dong Xu lantian new energy in 2015, revenue of nearly 1.7 billion

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