Development of photovoltaic speed new installed capacity of not less than 15

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the national energy Administration Director Noor ˙ bekri in “Asia Solar Energy Forum”, “Thirteen-Five” period, China will add 15 million per year-20 million-kilowatt of photovoltaic power generation, continue to be the world’s strongest growing PV market, photovoltaic power generation is entering a phase of rapid development.

Starting in 2013, China’s new PV installed capacity each year for 3 consecutive years of more than 10 million-kilowatt last year was more than 15 million-kilowatt. By the end of 2015, China PV cumulative installed capacity reached 43 million KW, surpass Germany as the world’s largest PV markets. Data also showed that in 2015, the photovoltaic industry investment of about 100 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 40%.

To the good development of the photovoltaic industry last year, the market has improved, many enterprises out of the red. PV investment enthusiasm diminished, PV module manufacturers in the top 20, businesses are involved in downstream hydropower development and profitability increased significantly, capacity utilization has increased significantly, according to the survey of 33 of its business, the average profit margin 4.7%, an increase of 30%.

In addition, the “going global” enterprises increase PV companies have built factories overseas. For now, the PV market demand at home and abroad, new technologies, new product development will accelerate, intelligence will also gradually improve, prospects continue to look good.

The necessity of development

Domestic electricity market has expanded from lack of electricity into the electricity supply is relatively sufficient power supply side problems into irrational structure, thermal power is still too high, to cope with the ever-increasing environmental problems, non-fossil energy needed to develop. In 2009, the Government has announced to the world: by 2020, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP lower than in 2005-45% 40%, proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption to around 15% (2014 data about 11.1%).

First half of 2015 Government formulated and submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change secretariat the climate change national autonomous contribution file to the strengthening action to address climate change–the national independent contribution. Our Government according to its national circumstances, stage of development and the sustainable development strategy and international responsibilities, determine the own goal by 2030, once again solemnly committed to carbon dioxide emissions peak around 2030 and to peak as early as possible; cut carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2005, down 60%~65%, proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption to around 20%.

Development non-fossil energy is achieved above target most important of means, domestic power investment end has rendering out non-fossil energy proportion rose situation, first half of infrastructure added power installed 43.38 million-kilowatt, which non-fossil energy power accounted for than 46.7%, is expected to annual infrastructure added power capacity over 100 million-kilowatt, which non-fossil energy power accounted for than over 53%, future domestic power end investment will increasingly to non-fossil energy tilt, while grid investment also will tie non-fossil energy development, Roads to the future construction of UHV DC output lines will effectively alleviate the problems made by the current renewable energy limited.

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