Dingnan County of Jiangxi 2016 PV launched poverty alleviation programme

Polaris solar PV net news: to promote accurate, precise poverty eradication for poverty alleviation to steadily increase the poor household income, let the poor become rich as soon as possible as soon as possible, on March 24, dingnan in dingnan County enacted the 2016 PV poverty alleviation programme (draft).

According to implementation programme, 2016, dingnan will strive to support 1000 households has installation conditions of built document state card poor construction a seat 3KW of PV power station, encourages support the town in new rural construction points, and Adobe room transformation concentrated construction points, and immigration relocation concentrated placed points within construction installation 20 households above 3KW~5KW of PV power station poverty model points, strive to put Dragon Tang village, and lishi banana pit and days nine gold Bay playing caused County PV poverty model points. Also supports conditional poor village alone or build a village of no more than 60KW/photovoltaic power station.

On funds grants problem, programme clear, on meet installation conditions installation 3KW PV power station of built document state card poor, Government will by each households 6000 Yuan of standard for support, but enjoy has PV poverty policy of, cannot while enjoy industry support policy (except Camellia industry outside), other construction funds by poor through raised or application loan, way to solution; on by approved established of model points Shang meet installation PV power station conditions of non-poor, Government also will by each households 6000 Yuan of standard for support, Other construction funds by the installation through self-financing or apply for a loan to solve 60KW poor villages, photovoltaic power stations, equipment installation from municipal and county levels every village industry helping 1 million yuan of funds raised in the address.

On the poverty problem of inadequate installation of the object, the programme explicitly, dingnan County by the County Government to establish solar loan guarantee fund for poverty alleviation, cooperative banks in a 1:8 scale up lending to solve. Installed household lending in principle not exceed after deduction of financial subsidy for installing the total investment amount. Loan contract for a period of 3-5 years after the expiry of the contract, renewable credit two cycles (loan period amounted to 15 years). Top 5 years just to pay interest on loans, 6th year on serial card, pay off the principal and interest to the 15th year.

Original title: dingnan 2016 PV launched poverty alleviation programme

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