Five ministries of Qinghai province on the centralized collection and payment

Polaris solar PV net news: Hainan Province, haixi development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), the land and resources Bureau, Finance Bureau, Housing Bureau, the Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry:

To promote the sustainable and stable development of PV industry in our province, and enhance the enthusiasm of investment and construction of photovoltaic power generation enterprise, safeguard 2015 grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction in our province, to respond effectively to the province’s economic downward pressure on PV power station construction, provincial government collection and payment of steppe vegetation restoration about thematic meeting minutes (85) to determine enlistment grasslands vegetation restoration cost. To implement the spirit of the Conference and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

One, please state, haixi, Hainan Development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) led, the coordination of local farming, land and resources Department of haixi Prefecture, Qaidam and Tara Beach regional PV construction in Hainan Prefecture permanently with a one-time levy, for photovoltaic panels which do not belong to the permanent building sites part enlistment grasslands vegetation restoration cost, speed up the construction of photovoltaic projects progress.

Second, Hainan Prefecture, haixi State development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), led the coordination of local land and resources, grassland, environment protection, safety assessment, fire departments, for the PV industry to accelerate project related coordination services, urge the PV business edge processing, site building, striving to conclude before the end of various procedures, and complete as much as possible the real investment.

Provincial development and Reform Commission provincial land and resources department

Provincial Department of housing and urban-rural construction of provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry

The December 3, 2015

Original title: provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial Department of land and resources on the centralized collection and payment of on-grid PV power station construction of grassland vegetation recovery notice on matters

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