For real this time Hon Hai or 9th announced the acquisition of Sharpe

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry at the end of a recent sharp debt and assets of a thorough investigation. Said, had previously to March 7 announced the acquisition of the two companies, but to be a thorough investigation, is expected to postpone for a few days time. No problem if a thorough investigation, the two companies will be announced in the week beginning March 7. If all goes well, there may be announced on 9th.

Sharp decided to incorporated subsidiary of Hon Hai, the previous day, February 24, was submitted to the Hon Hai may become “incidental liabilities” list. Hon Hai considers necessary for a thorough investigation, so the two companies would acquire the consultations be extended based on the term in the February 29. Hon Hai executives and lawyers were dispatched to Sharpe. Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou visited Japan and held consultations with sharp.

Said, “occasional debt” was thought up to 350 billion yen. Because it contains a lower probability of financial risk work items, the total expansion occurred. Said, “has concluded a thorough investigation of the schedule, or will soon sign a final contract”.

Original title: Hon Hai or 9th announced the acquisition of Sharpe

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