Hareon 2 billion or a huge increase Hong Kong Hua holdings of shareholders become

Polaris solar Reuters: Regal Meng Guangbao eyes invisible in Liaoning province, is being plagued hareon shareholders collectively claim continues to be coveted.

Combined with flagship investment new energy PV – in both breaking up completely around a near-billion mega-dispute ended when hareon homeopathy throws a non-public offering of a stock plan, the introduction of strategic investors, the rough road is a major step in the.

The evening of March 21, hareon releases increase plan, intended to 2.70 Yuan/non-public offering no more than 740.7407 million shares, raise funds to a total of about 2 billion yuan, for acquisition of 100% shares and 220MW Aqua on-grid PV power station construction project.

Meanwhile, the original investment to raise funds, “Xinjiang jinghe 30MW on-grid PV power station project” and “Inner Mongolia wulanchabu 50MW on-grid PV power station project” be replaced by “80MW on-grid PV power station project in Erdos, Inner Mongolia.”

This private placement programme changes, pricing date prior to January 19, 2016 (increase of first notice day) March 22, 2016. Pricing change is priced at 2.05 Yuan from 2.70/share/unit (reference 90% of the 20 trading days average trading price of the company’s stock).

Hareon solar Board of Directors Secretary asked to smell interface Journal interview, maintain the original offering price, mainly Parties increased in order to ensure the successful implementation of fully protecting the interests of small investors, but also reflects investors ‘ faith. “They are optimistic about the development of the photovoltaic industry trend, agree on the underlying development strategies and values, so prices are not particularly care about the difference. ”

According to the programme showed hareon, hareon object that this non-public offering of shares, Hong Kong-listed company Hua Hua XING Hua electric power and asset holdings, and ruierde has three particular investors.

Among them, Hua 79.83% electricity; huaxing assets ratio 5.17%; ruierde to subscribe for 15%, ruierde for hareon related parties, hold more than 5% per cent. Increase completed, Hua XING Hua electric power and assets and “Hua” total, stake hareon, 11.52%, became the largest shareholder of the new white.

Ruierde’s identity is concerned, it is for the “Godfather of China PV” Huai Yang into the actual control of the platform. Before that, just quit hareon, Chairman and CEO of almost all of the company title of Huai Yang was once rumored in the industry to fully exit the hareon. After the private placement, Huai Yang’s stake into the control to 7.75%. Still showing a non-controlling shareholders and actual control of the situation.

The increase announced at the same time, hareon with integrated PV billion “cooperation event” will eventually end.

Hareon cooperation and the joint solar storm began in May 2015. Both sides signed the framework agreement on investment cooperation, which collect wish to buy full ownership of about 930MW solar power station, a total amount of about 8.8 billion yuan, a record so far photovoltaic power plant in the world the highest single total.

In January 2016, PV suddenly said, hareon failed to reach the agreement, the China international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration, requiring the latter to refund the advance payment of 500 million Hong Kong dollars (about 422 million yuan) and interest, plus 200 million Hong Kong dollars (about 169 million yuan) in compensation for breach of.

In contradiction of combined photovoltaic and hareon public when Yang Huaijin hareon spiritual leaders with “mysterious” Embassy suite into the Council.

A banker close to Hua senior power interface news, Hua electric power was active in the industry’s desire to cooperate. These storm mergers and acquisitions of new energy assets Hua holdings around opportunities.

Embassy Suite power public information in December 2015, Hua electric power subsidiary Jiangsu zhongke photovoltaic technology limited, industrial development zone, Changzhou City distribution production base, produced the first photovoltaic modules.

Meanwhile, also with NARI owned by State grid electric power design limited, Yong signed the new energy investment 2016-2018-joint development of construction and operation of 1GW (GW) PV power plant agreement; and 11th design and Research Institute of the information industry signed a joint development and construction in the year 2016-2018 business 1.2GW (GW) PV power plant agreement.

Jiangsu is China PV industry chain, the most complete, Silicon PV module shipments and the largest areas, Hua electric power has contacts with many local photovoltaic companies, mergers and acquisitions across the upper, middle and lower reaches of the photovoltaic industry. And with new energy, 11th electronics design and Research Institute of information and many other well-known new energy photovoltaic development unit entered into a collaboration.

Interface news was informed that Hua holdings listed on the main Board of the stock exchange in Hong Kong, the predecessor to printing industry new island development holding company. In August 2014, Regal Meng Guangbao led Liaoning Hua international after acquiring new island development holding 62.62% shares, changed its name to Hua holdings.

Hua holdings Chairman and major shareholder Meng Guangbao early lawyer. Graduated from the Harbin Institute of technology law, 1998 Liaoning Hua founded law firm. Business at real estate disputes, corporate restructuring and other cases.

Meng Guangbao of the firm gradually bigger and then engaged in the investment business, has set up home power, Dalian inland port logistics bases, Tongji Hospital of Yingkou economic development zone, and with shengjing Bank and other banks launched financial asset trading center in the North of Liaoning province, just a few years sitting on assets of billions of millionaire in Northeast China. Currently, Hua holdings across the energy and power industries, financial investment, industrial investment, real estate investment, investment in health care, trade and logistics, such as the six sections.

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