Hon Hai to sharp downsizing again expanded its capital contribution to be up

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on March 23, 22nd was informed that sharp things around acquisition management restructure, Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry company expressed an interest in the relevant amount from the 489 billion yen (about 28.5 billion yuan) by 1000.2 trillion yen. Taking into account the financial risk lead to sharp decline in value, reduced again to expand the scale of capital contribution of up to 100 billion yen. Hon Hai also demand 100 billion yen bond to be paid when signing up.

Since the beginning of March, Hon Hai has repeatedly called for reducing the threshold for acquisition, there may be less than sharp had excluded the industrial scale of the innovations proposed in the programme of institutional support. Sharp will soon convene the Board of Directors to discuss whether to accept the request of Hon Hai. Due to the 500 billion yen loan to expire at the end of March, sharp want results as soon as possible, but in the future, or will face a difficult decision.

According to the source, Hon Hai, consider cutting the sharp issue price per share for a share. Funded ratio is expected to remain at about 66%. Hon Hai also ask sharp main Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and Mizuho Bank financing limit of 300 billion yen, and consider deferring the two banks sharp to buy 100 billion yen in preferred stock.

Because of fears of sharp fear will appear in the future, “occasional debt” the financial risk and performance of fiscal year 2015 is expected to be slashed, Hon Hai has forced sharp and its main bank in favour of Hon Hai’s conditions change.

Innovation Agency has invested 300 billion yen and 200 billion yen set financing limits of support programmes, but Sharpe on February 25 excluding the programme decision classified under Hon Hai. Planned the signing procedures after a considerable delay.

Original title: Hon Hai to sharp contributions to be up by 200 billion yen

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