January imports of silicon and then hitting new highs

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the latest customs statistics, in January 2016, China imports hit an all-time high of polysilicon, 12388 tons, increased 18.6% per cent. Korea imports continue to record high in January, up to 5897 tons, increased 11.5% per cent, 47.6% per cent of total imports for the month.

China Nonferrous metals industrial association silicon industry branch of related experts said, has long abroad imports of polysilicon quality excellent price low, addition, last year China PV industry continues to maintained 2013 yilai of warmer situation, in international PV market flourish, especially China PV market strong growth of pull Xia, PV enterprise capacity utilization get effective improve, industry scale steadily growth, these are is imports volume innovation high of main reasons.

Import prices hit a historic low

Korea imports, the most important reason is that polysilicon prices cheaper.

Korea imported polysilicon prices since the beginning of April 2015 has ten consecutive months of imports low. Figures from the Korea import average price of December 2015, below $ 14 per cent to $ 13.96/kg, imports in January this year the unit price continued to fall, fell below $ 13 per kilogram, and record-low US $ 12.99/kg, down 36%.

Also from Germany imported polysilicon prices are as low as $ 15.54 per kg, down to 33.8%, an all-time low.

Worth noting is that in January from the United States imported polysilicon prices are US $ 43.67/kg, an increase of 105%, a record, the paper is subject to “double back” impact of punitive tariffs.

Industry experts told reporter, in China of “58th, file” strictly implementation Hou, Korea through processing trade way avoid anti-dumping tax has convergence, but due to “double anti-” on Korea anti-dumping punishment range too weak, again plus Korea of main export Enterprise OCI and Korea silicon industry (HankookSilicon) of tax only for 2.4% and 2.8%, anti-dumping tax on its fundamental not caused any effect, so can repeatedly down price dumping.

Obviously, Korea both in the import price, or in terms of imports are a serious shock to the domestic polysilicon markets. Korea review dumping should be regarded as a top priority.

Addition, reporter also understand to, January Germany by processing trade way imports polysilicon 638 tons, all for bonded storage transit goods, that except general trade way imports outside all in bonded warehouse, January Germany warehouse goods volume in month Germany total imports volume in the accounted for than 18.4%, in month bonded warehouse transit goods total in the accounted for than up 35.9%, this main with imports volume in bonded warehouse store goods of release delayed about. At present “bonded warehouse” has become a way of circumventing the sanctions, require regulatory scrutiny.

Industry to pick up significantly

Record-high imports of silicon, other than the reason of low import prices, also illustrates the good trend of development of the photovoltaic industry in China, polysilicon market demand.

2015 in PV industry in China under the influence of a large number of good policy, has come out of the haze, fundamental recovery trend is obvious. Data show that in 2015 about 15 GW of PV installed capacity in China, an increase of 41%, first for three consecutive years, which share ground power station 84%, distributed power plants accounted for 16%, China about 43 GW of installed capacity, ranking first in the world.

PV installed capacity increased, the natural increase in demand of polycrystalline silicon.

Data show that in 2015 about 169,000 tons of polysilicon production in our country, jumped to 25%, up about 1 time from 2013. 2015 quarter production increased output of 37,000 tons in the first quarter, output of 41,000 tons in the second quarter, output of 43,000 tons in the third quarter, four seasons of 48,000 tons. Simply by the total output and total capacity, in 2015 the domestic polysilicon capacity utilization to 90.9% over the year, with fourth-quarter capacity utilization than 100%.

The red-hot from the listed company’s earnings can be further confirmed. Currently 37 solar power stocks nearly 30 companies released results for the year 2015 notice 18 achieved net profits rose, 15 of which are expected out at 50%, 1490.16%~1519.51% Jiawei shares topped and spaceflight machine in, net profit is expected to grow 382%~415%.

This pull, middle reaches of photovoltaic module production business profits have improved dramatically.

Reporter for 33 by normalizing conditions of photovoltaic module production after 2015 years of enterprise operating performance analysis (statistics exclude several loss-making enterprises due to the historical burden is too heavy), only 4 enterprises ‘ loss, the average profit rate of 4.8%, significantly higher than the 3% of the electronics manufacturing industry average and higher than the first half of 2015 2%-3%.

Entered in 2016, in January alone, the National Energy Board issued two relevant provisions on photovoltaic, policy launched PV industry as a whole warmed up and played a positive role.

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