Lame renewable energy quota system

Polaris solar PV net news: the National Energy Board in the recently promulgated documents, set 2020 non-hydroelectric renewable power to dissolve provincial quotas. This policy immediately stirred a bit dull the renewable energy market, still “trapped” to abandon wind (light) power renewable energy industry sees a glimmer of hope. However, a closer look, this gesture out of renewable energy quota system is a “broken Angel”.

Experts have commented: the introduction of the system is expected to abandon wind up the solution of the problem and parity of renewable power has had a positive impact. However, look down, this a urging began out of can renewable energy quota business is is a “folding wing of Angel”: different Yu international habitual practices, China energy competent sector does not gives quota business mandatory binding, this very has may brings policy landing difficult of problem; Yu this while, we also has reason worried, quota business if with existing subsidies policy between convergence improper, hardly can renewable energy quota business will for existing of can renewable energy industry brings “Gospel” also is potential of risk.

The guidelines released

Proposed renewable energy quota system set

On March 3, 2015, the two sessions on the first day, on the website of the National Energy Board published a report titled National Energy Board to establish renewable energy goals guide guidance system (national new energy (2016), 54th) files. Document 2020 non-hydro renewable electricity consumption of the whole society in the provinces the power to dissolve the specific gravity, and to achieve this goal, the provincial energy departments, power generation enterprises shall bear their respective responsibilities and obligations. In particular it is to be noted that, guidance requirements by 2020, in addition to specialized non-fossil energy production enterprises, non-hydro renewable electricity generation of the power plant reaches full generating capacity of more than 9%. This goal can be achieved with renewable power and green certificate trading. This provision is regarded in the industry as China’s “renewable energy quota system.”

The enthusiasm of the policy

Ease up wind up promoting parity

There is no doubt that the enthusiasm of this policy. First of all, renewable energy quota system is expected to ease the worsening problem of abandoned wind up. Guidance based on the amount of non-renewable water power to dissolve the specific gravity as the basis of assessment, to encourage renewable power generation, society more to dissolve. Second, the green certificate trading system helps to promote renewable power achieve parity at an early date. Renewable energy power plants can be additional gains through sales of green certificates, using market means green power green power such as coal and electricity subsidies, improve the competitiveness of renewable power in the market.

International cases

Renewable energy quota system needs “a legally binding penalty system”

Use a quota system to promote the use of renewable energy, and at the international level there is no lack of cases. According to statistics, the renewable energy quota system in the United States, Britain, Italy, Holland, in more than 20 countries have been widely implemented. As the first country to implement a renewable energy quota system, as of May 2015, the United States more than more than 30 States have implemented such a system. Which is recognized as the most successful and most typical is Texas. The Texas legislature for the quota system legislation requiring electricity retailers are all participating in power market trading bear quota tasks. Did not complete the quota tasks persons responsible will be fined by the price per certificate of 5% to 200%.

As the EU-wide introduction of renewable energy quota system earlier national, in the United Kingdom, all electricity is required to renewable power plants or power purchase quota certificate authority in order to comply with obligations under the renewables obligation acts – power provided by the supplier, must be a certain proportion of renewable electricity. Failed to complete the task of electricity suppliers will be paid up to a maximum of fine of its turnover of 10%.

As you can see, all real renewable energy quota system, the core of all is “legally binding penalties.” States use more rigid legal requirements to safeguard quotas implementation results. Did not complete the quota obligation, the law also made clear through fines and other penalties. United States, for example, has a total of 27 States enacted the law guarantee of implementation of renewable portfolio. Due to different resources in the region, economic development and renewable energy scale degrees are different, different areas of renewable sources of energy in the system design is very flexible. This feature in the United States was particularly obvious.

China: urgent need for legal protection

Renewable energy quota system needs “a legally binding penalty system”

Renewable energy quota system of the ROC, though on goal setting, guidelines fully into account renewable resources in different areas and levels of energy consumption, set from 5% to 13% of non-hydroelectric renewable power to dissolve weight indicators, according to the actual situation in the provinces were encouraged to develop scientific development and utilization planning. However, in “the law” and “mandatory” properties, national energy authority does not give guidance and the binding nature of specific gravity is sufficient.

This certainly makes us renewable energy quota system really landing deep fears and execution: binding is sufficient or not will have a direct impact on the effect of the quota system–it will ultimately become a panacea for solving problems faced by China’s renewable energy industry, also because of a lack of binding and operation and become a dead letter? In addition, the quota system with the new benchmark existing renewable energy price linked? Renewable energy quota system and whether it could be “gone”? A quota system is not yet mature or have not implemented, if local governments “to subsidize” first, what impact this renewable energy power plants will bring?

In cheers “can renewable energy quota business” launched of while, we also wants to further calls for industry further concern perfect quota business of related supporting and landing mechanism, to full guarantee launched this a new deal of original can get real of achieved, after all can renewable energy quota business of most has power of kernel, is is “using legal of form, mandatory provides can renewable energy in total electricity in the by accounted for of proportion, on cannot meet quota requirements of responsibility people sentenced corresponding punishment”, this is real of, and Sound renewable energy quota system should be like.

Original title: “lame” renewable energy quota system

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