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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission, Beijing distributed PV projects announced on the award list (first batch) notice

According to the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, national development and Reform Commission of Beijing municipality on distributed PV incentive funds regulation notification requirements, to verify the qualifications of the project on the application, the Beijing development and Reform Commission issued the reward list for distributed solar power projects in Beijing (the first). Municipal finance project in accordance with the above reward for power generation for 0.3 Yuan per kWh, electricity subsidies in accordance with the municipal power company electricity copy seen by the January 1, 2016 and expiring on December 31, 2020.

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2, five ministries of Qinghai province on the centralized collection and payment of on-grid PV power station construction of grassland vegetation recovery notice on matters

To promote the continuous and stable development of PV industry in Qinghai province and enhance the enthusiasm of investment and construction of photovoltaic power generation enterprise, protection of Qinghai province in 2015, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction schedule, Qinghai provincial government on collection and payment of PV power station construction grasslands vegetation restoration about thematic meeting minutes (85) to determine enlistment grasslands vegetation restoration cost.

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3, Hefei on the Organization of 2016 PV product catalog notice

According to the notice of the General Office of the people’s Government of Hefei city, on speeding up the PV application file of spirit, to strengthen management and standardize the market order, and information Commission will in the near future, Hefei Hefei city, in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, 2016, Hefei municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision to amend PV product catalog library. The notification requirement, declare an object is mainly engaged in photovoltaic modules, inverters, combiner box, products such as building-integrated PV production, independent enterprise legal person registered in Hefei.

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4, PV, Hefei Hefei economic and information Commission on accepting 2016 support policy documents for applying for subsidies (the first) notification

Under the people’s Government of Hefei city, views on speeding up the PV application to promote PV industry development General Office, the people’s Government of Hefei city, the supplementary notice on further accelerating the PV application document requirements, 2016, Hefei Hefei city, in the near future by the Commission will be a focal PV support policy documents for applying for subsidies (the first). Declarations, declarations on specific conditions and requirements, Hefei economic information Commission gave clear notification.

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Market review

1, the General Administration of quality supervision inspection: 2 batches of antireflection glass for solar PV products not meeting the prescribed standards

AQSIQ 15th 2016 1th 25 products quality supervision and inspection. Among them, antireflection glass for solar PV modules are not qualified rate of products is 6.7%. Spot checks found 2 batches of products do not comply with the standard requirements, involving debris, wet Frost project.

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2, the industry looks forward to PV “leader” plans to promote industry upgrading

“Leader” programme is undoubtedly the protagonist of 2015 the domestic photovoltaic industry. “Leader” scheme since its launch, to promote the overall development of the photovoltaic industry has played an invaluable role. Business hope leader base area will gradually expand the scope, industry leader enterprises also expand the scope of use, but also to give time to promote PV industry difficulties in financing, financing your dilemma solved, arrears of subsidies, abandon light, further promoting industrial upgrading.

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3, the “two sessions” clean energy “pie” and “the trap”

“Thirteen-Five plan” focused “green development” remind the deputies “pie” delicious, but beware of the “trap”. In their view, clean-energy market prospects is the fact, but overcapacity also has to face real-world challenges. A suggestion, first of all, to speed up the release build global energy Internet comments, followed by further accelerating the construction of domestic energy Internet, the development of UHV into “Thirteen-Five” energy and electricity planning.

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4, 1.24 Yuan? Solar thermal demonstration project of electricity can be so high? First light set

Recently, the media issued a document claimed that first solar-thermal power generation demonstration project price is expected to be approved at about 1.24 Yuan per kWh (include subsidies, taxes). The paper once published, it caused widespread concern in the solar thermal industry. It is understood that the current energy Bureau’s pricing and price communication process is almost complete, basic electricity price can be determined to be below 1.2, but officially announce the list of demonstration projects, as well as electricity prices until, it is recommended that all parties to be patient and calm.

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Enterprise version

1 reproduction, the PV Unit “Red Carded” PV market in long-term standards was ordered to retreat

Photovoltaic in the listing has already been 9 years, recently announced that, because they do not meet the minimum price and the minimum market value transaction rules, the company has been ordered to delisting from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. PV said, is considering whether to appeal. If there is no appeal, and its publicly traded shares will be suspended on March 14.

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2 suspected flagging sale of Dragon photoelectric 30MW project from “suspend advance” to “terminate”

Recently, Dragon photoelectric announcements on the progress of 30MW project description from “suspend advance” into a “termination”. It is understood that the project eventually “died”, perhaps with the management is actively carried out “investment in new power projects to develop special supervision”, which resells preliminary work of the project approval document (called “flagging”) as a suspect.

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3, hareon claim settlement plaintiff shareholders do not buy it

Hareon solar investors sitting last December has collective claims and new developments. Plaintiffs lawyers said on March 15, the Court convened the parties settled, 80% claims hareon claim settlement amount, some investors have clearly opposed. After the failure of reconciliation between the two parties, Court of first instance verdicts at the end of April.

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4, tongjunge officially changed its name in energy-saving solar PV business

The afternoon of March 17, held in Chongqing tongjunge 2016 first extraordinary general meeting, the Conference adopted energy-saving solar power company limited in Chongqing tongjunge company limited changed its name, tongjunge listed companies make up the Central enterprises in the energy group of photovoltaic power plants.

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5, the State grid Corporation of China issues white paper on promoting the development of new energy sources (2016)

On March 11, the State grid Corporation released the white paper on national grid for new energy development (2016). In 2015, China’s continued fast growth in new energy, wind power, solar power capacity double high, wind capacity installed first in the world for four consecutive years, photovoltaic capacity exceeded Germany ranking first in the world, and become a new milestone in the history of the development of new energy.

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6, Foxconn four quarter months waiting for the sharp trade or hopeless

On March 15, Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter said, owing to a desire to sharp third quarter performance to have a clear understanding, Foxconn postponed final deals with sharp. Both sides cannot deal likely within months.

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Character articles

Zhao Yonghong: free strategy free

When the PV industry when caught in the whirlpool of the situation and trends, and we cannot really jump out to get to know and understand the big picture. Inertia of thinking and action, will we neglect to think about is doing is worth it? In 2016, how to break through the dilemma? Strategy, the most important thing is not to spend a lot of money a professional third party organizations to provide advisory services, but to find their own direction, find your exciting and fun things to make, through independent thinking, liberal thinking to those restrictions.

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