Silevo needs import duties Beauty giant photovoltaic sides

Polaris solar PV net news: United States subsidiary high performance PV modules SolarCity Silevo appeal tariff on Chinese imports, a preliminary ruling is expected to be revealed on April 4.

Silevo needs import duties? Beauty giant photovoltaic sides

SolarCity will in the United States in New York to build largest “thousand-megawatt factory”, and is the Western hemisphere’s largest photovoltaic module factory. SolarCity is expected for the United States to bring jobs and subsidiary components production but Silevo seems to continue to maintain its presence in China and California’s production. Silevo bought by SolarCity in 2014, now trying to appeal to avoid United States tariff on Chinese imports.

Last December, the Silevo petitioned exempted Chinese tariffs on imported solar products, declared production of thin-film photovoltaic products.

Because thin film crystalline silicon solar modules can be exempted from tariffs on imports from China. Silevo PV modules based on amorphous silicon and oxide, n-type Silicon heterojunction design.

SolarWorld but disagree, pointing out that include crystalline silicon wafer Silevo technology. SolarWorld solicitor Tim Brightbill argues that very clearly falls within the crystalline silicon products Silevo products should be Division within the tariffs range. And points out that Silevo website is crystalline silicon products.

Silevo website, Silevo PV annual production capacity of 32MW at Hangzhou, China at present, but their website does not exactly point out that the factory is the production of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic cells, and it is not clear whether the information is current.

Current United States levied on imports of Chinese photovoltaic components as 239%, this rate is very high. SolarCity’s factory in Buffalo if not timely on-line, will be difficult. Thousand-megawatt plant planned by the end of this year will start production, but 2015 phone revealed fourth-quarter, the project has been postponed for several quarters.

Expected April 4, United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration reached a preliminary decision on the case. (/Tina translation)

Original title: Silevo needs import duties?
Beauty giant photovoltaic sides

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