Solar energy cooperation in the region play

Polaris solar PV net news: March, early spring Asia Solar counterpart here said well, firm handshake Exchange with confidence on the Green early, from here, a new model of regional cooperation together wings, pragmatic challenge initiative.

On March 22, the Nineth of a two-day “Asia Solar Energy Forum” in Beijing come to an end. “Asia will be the most important of a new energy transformation, taking a new path of sustainable development, the region must do more, and can also be fully accomplished. “The national development and Reform Commission Deputy Director, national energy Administration Director Noor ˙ bekri resounding words at the opening ceremony of the Forum, passing out promoting the development of regional energy transformation” China. “

Get consensus in cooperation and achieve win-win in the open. From India, Pakistan and other 25 Asian countries, Government and business representatives and academics in the main forum and six themes Forum on communication, actively sharing the results of solar energy development and experiences, discuss the future of solar energy development to promote industrial cooperation and win-win.

Financial support and innovation essential

Reporters learned from the Forum that Asia is now the world’s fastest-growing economic region, and new energy demand share the most important region of the world. Current and future period, Asia accounted for about 40% of global new energy demand. Of this area, this is a serious challenge, but also the energy transition opportunities. By the end of 2015, Asia Solar industrial chain link scale ranks the first in the world. Among them, the polysilicon production around the world 65%; cell production of the world’s 95%; 92% of global PV module production.

Accompanied by a “renewable alternative to fossil fuels,” becoming a global consensus, Asian demand for photovoltaic products also increased significantly. Pakistan’s Sindh Chief, new energy MehfoozAhmedQazi said, there are 7% of the population without electricity in the country, 500,000-kilowatt supply gap exists, has a greater market for PV products. Similar cases in India, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan, and other Asian countries are also present.

However, Asian countries, mostly developing countries, the general lack of funding. Forum, experts and scholars from different fields spoke about the financing for the solar industry’s support and help.

For the different levels of social and economic development of all countries in the region, resources, technology, capital, market all the characteristics, the experts agreed, through financial innovation to allocate more financial resources to innovative and efficient integration of all advantages, is the means of ensuring the sustainable development and utilization of solar energy industry in the domain.

“The Asian Development Bank support loans of US $ 8 billion a year, about half for renewable energy investments. We will increase investment in green energy such as solar energy, in order to provide more financial support for the development of solar energy industry in the region. “The President of the Asian Development Bank zhongweiwuyan in his speech on the Green finance in the prominent role in the development of clean energy, suggested that Asian Nations in policy and planning a concerted action to enhance regional solar industry cooperation, expand the solar market, accelerate progress and cost of solar energy technologies.

Concord Group Vice Chairman, Concord integrated Chairman Shu Hua said, the new energy enterprises “going out” via national policy financial support. In addition, China’s new energy industry technology innovation is not strong, or new energy industry’s key technology and equipment and materials for practical problems such as heavy reliance on overseas markets, through collaborative innovation or integrated internationalization collaborative promotion of new energy industry’s overall competitiveness.

Experts and businesses called for the Forum held at the same time there is a new breakthrough. On March 22, the new overseas energy development Alliance was established in Beijing, China. National Energy Board new energy resources and renewable sources of energy in which Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director of the Division pointed out that one purpose of the Alliance was created, is to build a platform for information exchange and international cooperation in new energy, promote overseas cooperation in financial and industrial investment projects.

PV parity by 2025 without pressure

Call for financial innovation and financial support at the same time, we must also realize that any industry is likely to rely on Government subsidies to survive, new energy sources such as photovoltaic and cheap Internet is the general trend.

In the “Thirteen-Five” period, the onshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation benchmark price cut along with the yearly development in order to achieve the energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020) calls “by 2020 wind power and coal power price, photovoltaic power generation and grid sales price quite” objective.

“I think it is still very real, is completely attainable. “The Forum space, Liang Zhipeng said in an interview, should appear by 2020 PV power cost decreased by 2025 solar and cheap Internet access is possible.

Zhipeng Liang points out that technology develops to a certain level will continue to accelerate. In addition, if you want to reduce the cost of fossil energy and environmental externalities, particularly the negative costs, will require additional investment. Through initiatives such as an energy tax, a carbon tax and other negative effects of fossil fuels on the environment in all considering the price, renewable energy more competitive. We hope that, by around 2025, photovoltaic power generation “head-on” and fossil energy competition, through sheer technological advances to reduce costs in order to achieve parity.

“In addition, we want to understand the parity from two aspects, not just focus on centralized power, also want to see distributed generation. “Liang Zhipeng, told reporters that if current prices of fossil fuel power generation, photovoltaic power generation in the future may be even 0.45 Yuan to 0.5 Yuan/kWh/kW can be counted as a cheap, but distributed under generation side is running around, so the PV up to 0.6 Yuan/kWh, means to achieve parity.

Compared with the difficult reduce the generating cost, future photovoltaic market developments became smaller than certain parts.

Reporters learned from the Forum site, in the “Thirteen-Five” period, China will add 15 million per year ~ 20 million-kilowatt PV, continue to maintain the strong growth of the PV market in the world.

“Thirteen-Five” at the end, PV installed capacity in China is expected to reach 100 million ~1.5 billion kilowatts. “Liang Zhipeng forecasting market size while also stressed that if the subsidy does not fall, you can’t just simply increase the size. He pointed out that high technology, especially decline relatively fast technology and products to increase support to give preferential financial support.

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