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Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

LG Optimus g Pro is now owned by LG latest flagship machine, its 1080P with 5.5-inch screen, the first use of mycophenolate mofetil 600 processor 13 million pixels and is equipped with the popular focus cameras can make. So what are the concrete manifestation of this camera, can wash “perpetual LG SD lens” stigma?


First, we look at the Optimus g Pro camera interface:

Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Well, the whole interface is.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Settings button there is some common shooting settings.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Worthy of mention is the first selection of the project, you can edit the shortcuts displayed on the far left.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Entire shoot interface sets the Samsung have a strong style. The night scene shooting mode was not here, unfortunately.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

There’s an option to open dual camera.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Open before and after will be able to use the camera and shoot the feature, press box front-facing camera can control the size of the box front-facing camera.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Panoramic VR is similar to Android 4.2 that 360-degree panoramic view of that. This panoramic stitching effect is very poor, however, flashy.

Depending on it’s almost done, and then there is proof.


Day Flawless i6 case

Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

Without metering modes to choose from, only the matrix metering.


Where is the progress? LG Optimus g Pro shot review

But shocked the small series is that matrix metering is also pretty good for this camera, metering of all parts are more balanced, not underexposing or exposure had been.


Of course also need to rely on their own “manual” adjust the exposure, if you make the sky parts occupy more of the screen, then the following buildings will become very dark, if more building occupies the entire screen, part of the sky becomes brighter. So on the viewing angle, you adjust it.



However this metering results have been pretty satisfied, small series of contact with other phones, matrix metering has not been satisfactory.


Xiaobian also shot a lot of proofs of the day.






Of course such buildings under the high scenario, in order to take clear pictures of buildings, the following let it Dim trees … …



You may be thinking, scenario above, open the HDR is not solved? Yes, small also thought so at that time, and then they find that they are too stupid too naïve.

HDR turned off.


HDR turned on. Well … … No transform, small would not believe … … Run forward and then take a picture.


HDR turned off.


HDR open … … Don’t do this! Make less effort.


HDR turned off.


HDR turned on. Finish see proofs make surrender! This is make contact with only one open the HDR and don’t have the same … …

This is likely is the version of the problem, in the hope that after the system update to improve this problem.



Contacted LG machine, you should know its sharpness has been very poor. Xiaobian there is a separate release.

This picture was shot by LG proofs.


Small standing in the same place using the alpha i9300 proofs taken.


This figure is two proofs enlarged screenshots, where LG Optimus g Pro sample was enlarged to 100%,i9300 because only 8 million pixels, i9300 proofs even up to 100% is smaller than the LG, xiaobian proofs i9300 continues to zoom in, zoom to the extent of the proofs and LG. ← Mind here is the enlarged i9300 proofs, logically, 8 million pixels when magnified to the size of 13 million pixels, sharpness is supposed to be only a little weaker than 13 million pixels, then you can click on the picture to see a larger image. LG’s 13 million-pixel proofs even more than 8 million pixels to set lesser … … Watch the wall texture, the texture of the wall is as rough as i9300. But Optimus g Pro shot out of proofs have serious painting … …


As a comparison, circled the skies suddenly clear … … The fickle weather.



Is also a comparison of the two images, click to enlarge. LG proofs also have more serious painting, building fonts has been applied almost on level, whereas i9300 remained a better sense of depth.

But we can see from the above two proofs, LG matrix metering is really good, Samsung is also used by matrix metering, the same weather conditions, LG Optimus g Pro meter will be better.



Small series does not say anything, said only one word: “macro is very good” would be sufficient. Background blur is very soft, very good!


But color does Red overflow … … Left for the LG Optimus g Pro shot right i9300 shooting. Physical color prefer i9300. But in proofs, we can also see that LG Optimus g Pro macro ability is better than i9300, and relatively large aperture and shallow depth of field than i9300. If you want the light ring and an understanding of the relationship between the depth of field, you can go to the popular science: the effect of aperture on depth of this article see.

The following macro is more proof:






Night view

Note: the small version of this system it’s impossible to use night mode, using night mode the screen card not move. In view of its open not open with the same HDR effect, so the night is basically using the normal mode.

First Street:

Auto-ISO shooting at night, behind the 1.8EV refers to open the exposure compensation. Effect of small series was trying to give it a try, but found that the effect is also a variable with no adjustable … … Really do not know if this version has problems.





And small series to try using a different ISO film see the effect:



LG Optimus g Pro can open up to ISO 800, so the brightest is done, turn on auto ISO up to 800 ISO.


Flawless iPhone 6s case

Limit ISO to 100 proof.


After adjusting to the 400 feel enough.


Transferred to 800 while very bright, but the noise was too much. But if it is too lazy to adjust … … Then let auto-ISO, anyway it was night so.



Two of the most classic scenes, auto-ISO shooting, um … … The night it was very general.



In focus mode, and in other rare manual focus function on a mobile phone.


After the opening, there will be a control to adjust the focus on the bottom, tuned to the far left is a macro, vision is the most right. Attention focus bar is adjusted to the macro side, so the nearest beer bottle can Coke.


Small series to pull it to the right so that you can adjust the focus distance. Further on millet 2A can be burnt.

This function is particularly useful when shooting macro, because a lot of times shooting macro directly to focus on using the AF is not easy. When you use manual focus, this won’t happen, you can adjust the focus according to your favorite.

For example, by adjusting the focus, in the rain behind the glass, shot outside Dim night lighting scene.



Proofs done well during the day, matrix metering works well. But the sharpness is really weak, and painting is more serious. As for the HDR effect, open not open, it is not clear whether the system version of the problem. Macro ability is very strong, supermacro is close, and the blur effect is very soft, color red of course overflow the most serious. At night, too. And open when night mode is stuck in the footage, so there’s no clear night scene mode proofs will be improved, but now doesn’t work as well.

However LG Optimus g Pro results is small, LG mobile phone to show the best, compared to the small series of evaluation of the Nexus is tested before were said to have been a lot better.


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