Survey why the domestic photovoltaic power stations above the roof

Polaris solar PV net news: built in roof solar photovoltaic power stations, not only green electricity free, into the national grid can make money. In 2014, under the Government subsidy policies of encouraging, yuyao has two families of photovoltaic plant, in November 2014, December completion and starting grid-connected power generation. After one year of operation, how are these two families of photovoltaic power generation? Revenue from electricity sales satisfaction? This reporter recently conducted an investigation.

Power generation and income and expected a gap

Lubu town, Mr Yao’s photovoltaic power generation project, yuyao is photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project successfully implemented the first residents. Photovoltaic power plant after using his home, during its first annual energy output for 5000duoqianwa, total income of about 5030. This income made up of subsidies and revenue from electricity sales. Power stations produce electricity policy re power subsidy price of 0.52 Yuan per kWh (including State-subsidized 0.42 Yuan, provincial subsidy of 0.1 Yuan), sold to the national grid electricity price per kilowatt hour of power supply company in yuyao about 0.4 Yuan (whose price is the market price, volatility).

Mr Yao’s total installed PV power generation projects is 6-kilowatt, consist of 32 190 w polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels and 2 inverters, and a total investment of 60,000 yuan. From November 2014 incorporation to the end of December last year, photovoltaic power station total power when 5000duoqianwa, and Yao is expected to 6000duoqianwa a certain gap.

Because the generation gap with the expected annual revenues are expected to fall. According to Mr Yao’s prior forecast, power generation will get 6000 per year income, power input 10 to recover costs. But in reality, compared with the projected 10 to the cycle, this time may be extended by two years. “After all, solar power and are also related to the weather, and certainly is different every year. “Yao is optimistic.

“PV power station running stable on the whole, is the inverter problems occasionally occur. Electricity did not meet expectations, estimates are also related to the inverter. “Mr Yao says,” inverter power supply companies won’t be able to stop work, these days I’m going to manufacturers to reflect this, so that they help me to deal with. Hope there is no longer the ‘ omission ‘ of electricity. ”

Bad weather will not affect the normal operation of the power station

Lizhou Street in October 2014, at the end of their roof-mounted solar photovoltaic power station. Family of 14.4 kW is power installed photovoltaic power plant, covering an area of 96 square meters, total investment of more than 90,000 yuan. From December 2014 incorporation to the end of December last year, power station power generation 10000duoqianwa

Shi, revenues amounted to more than 10,000 yuan, this income in his expected.

His power, can view generation in real time over the network. “Through the manufacturer for my Web site, after logging in you can see their own power generation, and a variety of statistical data in the system, you can see the monthly, quarterly, annual electricity generation today. “Always happy to have Internet access to view the data,” they also convert electricity generation into a tree, and when I see the tree a tree, I knew I had made the right decision. ”

“Photovoltaic plant mounted after good run has been stable, even in the face of freezing rain and snow weather, solar photovoltaic panels and inverters are the problem does not occur. “Last year, super Typhoon” Chan Hung “attack, Mr solar photovoltaic panels will be jeopardized, consult the manufacturer. “Manufacturers, as long as I’m in an area where not the eye of the typhoon, there will be no problem. Turns out, my family’s power station has withstood the test of Typhoon. ”

Back the cycle length, built limited site

Although the Government subsidies, the electricity sector services are in place, but not many users are installed solar photovoltaic power station of yuyao city. According to statistics from the electricity sector, by the end of February, yuyao is only 2 families of grid-connected PV power plant to achieve power, 22 families of photovoltaic plant is still in application and installation and commissioning stage.

In this regard, the municipal power company officials say, photovoltaic power plant must be installed in the family owned property or roof rights area. Residents to build their own, that seems to be fine, but area residents want to build is more trouble. Due to the power station construction requires public roof in advance subject to the consent of the other residents as well as community property and coordination difficult. “Building high cost long back to the cycle” is the people’s greatest concerns. Household PV power plant sold to power companies, whose price is set by new benchmark coal price, due to falling coal prices in recent years, also pulled down the benchmark price, price of power grid enterprises first 0.457 Yuan per kilowatt hour, down from 0.4153 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

In addition, because of the PV power generation efficiency of solar photovoltaic panels placed angle and the weather, if exposure to residents of rooftop light is blocked by the surrounding buildings, it will affect the lighting of solar photovoltaic panels, coupled with the smog impact power generation efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the domestic photovoltaic power stations actually to extend the duration of this period than the average estimate of 2 to 3 years.

Family building procedures are not complicated

According to the municipal power company staff, installation of solar PV power station is not a complicated procedure, and residents interested in building personal identity card to the nearby power station operating on Windows, you can handle the relevant application procedures, the Department will develop and provide access to programmes for free. Station required the applicant to purchase photovoltaic components required, the production of PV modules manufacturers are responsible for the installation, the electricity sector will in time tracking, and finally acceptance, loading test, incorporation. Meanwhile, electricity sector inhabitants of photovoltaic power generation project electricity contracts with the customer.

After the successful incorporation, the electricity sector will be to monitor home power plants to generate electricity in case, if an anomaly is found, will call to inform. Electricity sector reminded, when manufacturers of PV modules and inverters is selected, be sure to shop around, choose good reputation and after-sales service of major brands. After successful establishment of the station, people often view the operation of the power station, if there is a problem, contact the manufacturer, to adjust or repair the power station.

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