Which do you make smog press distributed PV remember a company annual meeting

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) on December 26, reporters were invited to participate in the Thai-annual meeting of the new energy and distributed partners Conference. First sea from Beijing, is a most impressive along with smog. Industry partners from all over met, first talk is smog, smog locked under the dome really, people everywhere share a common fate.

In fact, to change the raging haze situation, the efforts of national and local. On August 29, the acquisition greatly issued the 31st “President”, released the 12 session of the national people’s Congress, 16 amendments adopted by the People’s Republic of China Law on prevention of air pollution, the Act also known as the smog laws, will be officially implemented January 1, 2016.

On December 16, the Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission (Bureau), Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai municipal environmental protection Bureau has formulated the Shanghai volatile organic matter pollution charges site implementation measures, started a pilot launch of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) charges. Because the VOCs is the precondition of formation of haze and PM2.5, the charge is called smog.

Two statutes also introduced the deep awareness to achieve clean energy to replace coal as the main energy of the urgency. Among the many clean energy options, PV is clearly a darling.

In this regard, the endorsement in person at Government level. Former Prime Minister Li keqiang announced China’s response to climate change to 2030 emissions reduction plan, by 2020, the decline in carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP from 2005 40%-45%, PV installed capacity reaching 100GW. After the National Energy Board issued of the solar Thirteen-Five development plan draft, the draft States “Thirteen-Five plan” the target of 160 million kW of solar power, photovoltaic of which 150 million kilowatts, thermal 10 million-kilowatt. PV cumulative installed capacity of 28.05 million-kilowatt the end of 2014, over the next five years, surging PV installed capacity can be used to describe.

Since it is a distributed PV Conference to discuss most is naturally distributed. PV ruling benefiting the haze, has broad development prospects. But for distributed solar, photovoltaic power generation, treatment can be very different.

China already dominates the throne of leading global PV installed capacity, but compared to the rapid ground capacity, distributed PV is slow. 2013 new PV installed capacity for the year 12.92 million-kilowatt, which distributed only as 800,000-kilowatt, in 2014, the distributed new installed capacity up to 2.05 million-kilowatt, although there has been an increase, but rather than ground capacity of PV power station 8.55 million-kilowatt, remained in the shade.

Which do you make smog press distributed PV – remember a company annual meeting and distributed partners Conference

New Thai energy General Manager Yang Xiuzhong

Reasons that cause the slow development of distributed PV is multiple. Because income is relatively low in China, and photovoltaic power generation a longer payback period, and power station construction conditions are too restrictive, complex application process, users are not enthusiastic; in addition, subsidies are not stable, business investment are at greater risk, financing is the stumbling block. And there is no proven business model, such as Thailand and the early development of distributed PV new energy business is “the stones”, at the exploration stage. These issues led to many large ground station power plant developers more love, took a wait-and-see attitude on distributed PV.

After a night to usher in the dawn, distributed PV frequent nearly two years State and local incentives, after after the winter, distributed PV began to be developed. Thailand as one of distributed PV pioneers new energy projects across East China, central China, North China, Northwest China, which can be seen as a microcosm of the many distributed power developer.

Shortly before the Shanghai development and Reform Commission and Finance Bureau published distributed PV “sunshine credit” can financing costs can be reduced by 30%. A few days ago, the Central Bank include PV in the catalog of green bonds support projects, a series of good is to increase confidence in the industry. “Distributed in the spring will come”, which is the number of distributed power plant developers adhere to the faith.

In addition, on December 24, issued by the national development and Reform Commission on improving the land wind solar power on-new pricing policy notice PV benchmark price between one and three types of resources by 0.8/0.88/0.98 currently 0.9/0.95/1.0 per cent in 2016. Insiders believe that PV power installed capacity on the ground will bid farewell to “staking” era and were retained by the cold shoulder of distributed PV is about to usher in a golden age.

Refer to distributed PV power station development, a lot of people are most concerned about power gains and returns can not be separated from power station safe and stable operation of the power station. The PV Conference, the guests talked about most is how to ensure the safe and smooth operation.

Which do you make smog press distributed PV – remember a company annual meeting and distributed partners Conference

Which do you make smog press distributed PV – remember a company annual meeting and distributed partners Conference

Distributed development of photovoltaic power plant is a complex process, different roof structure, requires a different construction programme, also needs to be adapted to local conditions in the device selection. Speaker power plant project development, inverters, combiner box and other key equipment and support the selection of parts, and then to the ultimate roofing system for the exchange of experience.

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