10 Shuo Wo Q2 increase cross foot diamond cutting line to grab revenue

Polaris solar PV net news: Han Shuo Wo 12th Law said, that despite the uncertain Q2 and Q3 of this year,, but I believe that solar cells will still have some factory utilization rates, pulp can also maintain a certain demand, Q2 shipment growth is expected to be 10%. In addition, the overseas power plant revenues pumped will bring higher returns to Shuo Wo, and Shuo Wo also will start production in September diamond cut lines, revenue will be further enhanced.

Reduction Q1 revenue, Q2 may increase slightly

Shuo Wo said that due to reduction in working days in the first quarter of this year, and early this year Japan DOWAHightech safety accidents caused by tight supply, combined revenues of 8.19%, there are also exchange loss of pressure. But ignoring outside factors, should be made into a capital in the first quarter. Looking to the second quarter, although the traditional low season, but April orders stable, it is expected that revenue is expected to be more than slight growth in Q1.

Shuo Wo Japan Fukushima 17MW solar power plant in the first quarter was about Shuo Wo brought revenues of NT $ 80 million Yuan contribution. Conditions of sunshine after entering the second quarter will be better than the first quarter, expected benefits of plants also increases. In addition, Shuo Wo 40MW in the Philippines is expected to be on the grid by the end of this year, when the Philippine power plant capacity is expected to reach 75MW. Plus Shuo Wo other income from electricity sales of the power plants at home and abroad, this business revenue this year is expected to grow further to about NT $ 400 million Yuan, up from 227 million yuan in 2015.

Diamond cut line put into operation in September

Diamond cut lines can be applied to LED Sapphire wafer section, now dominated by Japanese manufacturers. Shuo Wo last year cross-foot diamond-cutting line areas, factories in Yancheng, China set up a diamond-cutting lines, initial settings 10 production lines, and mass production is expected to begin in September; the next is expected to be expanded to 84 lines within three years.

It is understood that the diamond cutting line Shuo Wo slurry cause gross margins above, which contains silicon and polycrystalline silicon wafer cutting, can increase the Taiwan local wafer supply.

Original title: 10% Shuo Wo Q2 increase cross-foot diamond-cutting line to grab revenue

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