15GW poverty dilemma no source of funding not active enterprise called lose it

Polaris solar PV net news: 15GW, a total investment of 120 billion yuan, the total household annual income of more than 3000 … … This string of beautiful figures put photovoltaic projects on media outlet, PV seems to be full of potential for poverty alleviation. However, the harsh reality is that no source of project funds for poverty alleviation, local poor counties unable or unwilling to pay, most looking forward to corporate-sponsored, and squeeze corporate earnings in the PV project and achieve the effect of poverty. In an interview in Shanghai, Shanxi and other businesses without the expressions, head of the photovoltaic project despair.

National money, can’t afford to place, sources of funds for poverty alleviation remains a dead letter

In March 2015, the National Energy Board issued the photovoltaic pilot programming outline for poverty alleviation (revised draft), proposed by the local Government to household and photovoltaic projects based on agricultural facilities give 35% initial investment subsidies, 20% initial investment subsidies given to large ground station, configuration countries according to the percentage of the initial investment subsidies and photovoltaic projects enjoy the discount Bank in full during the repayment period.

Good lure of huge subsidies, many companies do take donation fund or direct towards poverty reduction projects.

Pilot is still the pilot, in the face of “Thirteen-Five” 15GW ambitious plan the State directly to the initial investment subsidies and funding problems to the local government.

Five ministries recently issued joint foreign countries on poor opinion of photovoltaic power generation, to the most important sources of finance for a passing. According to the opinion, part of village PV power plant loans can be granted by the provincial poverty alleviation funds discount, centralized power stations designated by the local government financing and commercialization investment companies to raise capital, with the rest by the State Development Bank, agricultural development Bank of China to provide preferential loans. Encourage State-owned enterprises, private enterprises participated in the photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation investment, construction and management.

Body of the local Government address the sources of funds for poverty alleviation, local initiatives like is key to poverty alleviation projects smoothly. Journalists found all over the source of funds for poverty alleviation are different. At the time, poor pilot phase, can also use “+ household Bank loan of funds for poverty alleviation” mode, some poor counties in State and local government-funded 70%, 30% from pre-paid or bank loans for the rest. But now, poverty expanded, States initial subsidies were removed, financing it falls to the county level. But poor County couldn’t afford, or the Government is reluctant to pay in favour of pro-poor implementation impose on the enterprise. It can be said that guiding opinions on photovoltaic power generation, sexual in poverty reduction, the real solution to financial troubles are just a dead letter.

Government anti-poverty benefits from enterprise, help does not support dilemma

Current PV has risen to a national strategy on poverty reduction, Governments are reluctant to give money but had to “help”. Enterprise coveted 15GW poverty scale, but always put the benefits in the first place, a game between the enterprise and the Government began.

Focus on distributed development of Shanxi business leaders told reporters, a county in Shanxi, and even for companies such conditions, 100KW village-level poverty reduction plant, where 500,000 yuan subsidy, but power plant proceeds is independent of enterprises. “100KW power plant to 500,000 for poverty alleviation, according to the market price to enterprises losing money, and the local government is giving money, risky and unprofitable”, head of the helpless.

Gloves White Wolf mentality of the Government there has been forced photovoltaic investment companies and Governments talk about the conditions. Bit first-run poverty reduction project developer Frank noted that poverty alleviation projects lose money, had to negotiate conditions with different Governments, want indicators or access to receive offers of land resources, to make up for the losses in the poverty alleviation project. This water potential of transactions has become an important means to mobilize in PV to the alleviation.

But for the small and medium enterprises, weak, financial micro-and money involved in poverty alleviation projects, a commercial power station lost earnings, overall profits are squeezed, there must be sufficient initial capital. Clearly these companies do not have these capabilities, the enthusiasm of participation in poverty alleviation projects is very low.

“Poverty alleviation to poverty alleviation, is the rich help the poor are rich PV companies to do things. “Shanxi photovoltaic business leaders described the image of above.

Money to help the poor project, businesses want to back up from elsewhere, tight plant indicators of enterprise and Government of “mutual benefit” of game weights.

Hebei province recently issued 2016 PV project urgent notice, determine the 2016 according to the poverty reduction station, commercial station 1:2.5 of the photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Poverty line to 10,000-kilowatt station on poverty reduction poverty population was 800, 3000 a year for poverty alleviation fund, poverty alleviation for 20 years. Invest in commercial power stations must have a certain percentage of poor power plant under construction, Enterprise profit profit to the poor part of poverty relief station, to achieve PV for poverty reduction purposes.

It is understood that the phenomenon the power indicator pressure businesses to poverty alleviation in the provinces gradually spreading PV poverty alleviation, not poverty, is the photovoltaic industry in poverty! 15GW of pro-poor scale photovoltaic industry, may not be too many surprises.

Crappy PV poverty alleviation calls for “special treatment”

In addition to the lack of funding, weak policy implementation, poverty alleviation projects without preferential treatment, but also poverty alleviation project to carry out the main reason.

A case study of Hebei province, Hebei province, did not give the photovoltaic project too much tilt, photovoltaic power plants and distributed as subsidies for poverty alleviation, enjoy the province 0.2 Yuan/kWh subsidy, subsidy of 3 years from date of incorporation only emphasizes that the energy Bureau of Hebei province, in conjunction with the provincial poverty alleviation Office actively seek national and provincial financial subsidies, tax relief and other support.

This ambiguous statement lacked specific support standards, execution is not guaranteed in PV to the alleviation of the company has not convinced.

Head of these PV enterprises in Shanxi said policies had no confidence in the country after the National Energy Board for 0.42 Yuan/kWh subsidy distributed PV power station, but was stopped by national grid paper, which distributed PV enterprises was only desulphurization power price. There are execution not protected, enterprises ‘ participation in poverty alleviation projects face a small risk.

“Take five ministries issued a PV file to find the CDB for preferential loans for poverty alleviation, they say that none of the policy, because its only parent account issued by the file to execute, you take the national development documents to find specific County, people did not recognize”, but after this experience, head said.

PV manufacturers hope that local governments take the initiative, actively coordinate the local unit, this dilemma may be able to resolve. Poverty alleviation projects cumbersome application procedures, local initiative, as an investment company repeated a Word.

Rural grid, is hindering PV advancing another barrier for poverty alleviation. Poor absorptive capacity in regional power grid is weak. Part of the village yet reconstruction of rural power network, line quality is poor, the voltage is too low. Provided for in the national grid, PV installed capacity cannot exceed the total transformer capacity and outlets of 30%. General 200~300 kW transformer capacity in rural areas, click here to calculate the capacity of a village of only tens of Watts, unable to meet the needs of PV scale for poverty alleviation.

In addition, poor power plant project subsidy distribution process is simplified, enjoying tax relief has not yet been determined, on the premise of unprofitable lack “special treatment”.

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