2016 Q1 global financing plunge 60 to us 2 8 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: Mercom capital group latest news shows, first quarter of the year, the global solar company borrowing fell to $ 2.8 billion, compared to $ 6.9 billion in 2015 the fourth quarter down 59.4%, compared with $ 6.4 billion in the same period last year to 56%.

2016 Q1 global financing plunge 60% to us $ 2.8 billion

Mercom Capital Group Chief Executive Raj Prabhu said, “in the current difficult environment, many solar-powered public companies will have difficulty increasing investment costs. For example, the 2015 debt markets and public markets occupy a major share of the financing of the Yieldcos in the quarter was very low-key. The other hand, the VC did well, rebound in securities trading, residential/commercial solar industry raising capital in excess of $ 1 billion for the quarter. ”

First quarter of the year, global solar energy venture deals 23 total reached 23, has increased compared with a year earlier. But in 2015 the fourth quarter, venture deals 17, $ 457 million of the total VC Fund. Most VC funds from solar companies and raw materials in the first quarter, is the single largest SunnovaEnergy to raise funds of 300 million dollars.

However, a public market financing “leap” down from last year’s 10 transactions, US $ 1.3 billion deal size fell to 4 transactions, $ 94 million deal, and completed 8 transactions in the fourth quarter of last year, $ 605 million deal.

2016 Q1 global financing plunge 60% to us $ 2.8 billion

Ranked in the top five of the large solar project financing

Meanwhile, the announced debt financing also showed a trend of sharp decline in the quarter: only 19 trading, a $ 2.3 billion deal size, 25 transactions for the same period last year, 4.9 billion dollar deals; the last quarter to 27, $ 5.8 billion transaction size.

Overall, a quarter of residential and commercial solar energy leasing and power purchase projects continued strong, completed 6 transactions, $ 1 billion deal, compared to the previous quarter 3 transactions, $ 650 million deal obviously.

2016 Q1 global financing plunge 60% to us $ 2.8 billion

A quarter of total 14 solar merger project in the world, one more than the fourth quarter of last year. In addition, the solar project acquisition reached 50, a total installed capacity of close to 2.4 GW, below is the top five trade acquisitions:

2016 Q1 global financing plunge 60% to us $ 2.8 billion

Original title: Q1 global financing plunge 60% to us $ 2.8 billion

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