A record Germany scientists CIGS thin film solar cell efficiency to 22

Polaris solar Reuters: Germany Baden-Württemberg Centre for solar energy and hydrogen research (ZSW) set a new European record. Stuttgart, scientists will be composed of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS) thin-film solar cells made from efficiency improvement to 22%.

The CIGS technology highly favored the solar industry will soon replace traditional silicon solar cells, take a bigger market share.

This new type of cell surface area of 0.5 sq, in line with professional standards test battery, use spray mechanism. 25% and efficiency will be achieved in the coming years.

Researchers through a variety of methods to optimize the production process to refresh the record. Germany Alex Braun Hough Institute for solar energy systems ISE authenticate the record. ZSW now than the current world record for backward 0.3%.

Original title: a record!
Germany scientists made of CIGS thin-film solar cell efficiency to 22%

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