Attention In the earthquake damaged solar panel approach

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan Photovoltaic Association (JPEA) announced on April 15 “in the earthquake damaged solar panel processing considerations” and reminded, “don’t touch, gloves or rubber gloves to wear line”, “to pull the cable connector” and so on.

The Association said, “Dang residential, set of solar Board in earthquake in the was damage, and housing, of rubble heap in with Shi, Sun irradiation to battery Board Shang Shi may will power, light to, touch touch may will shock”,, introduced has Dang solar Board still left in earthquake in the damaged of housing Shang, and from has roof and became rubble stacked in with when of processing method.

First, when the solar panel was damaged, reminded to note (1) even if broken, there is still risk of electric shock, do not touch; (2) dealing with damaged panels, to contact the relevant measures in the construction business for sale.

Also, lists the following 6 things to note when handling damaged solar panels.

(1) do not touch.

(2) in the rescue and recovery efforts while waiting for the process to access the damaged solar panel, wear gloves or rubber gloves dry line, such as insulated gloves.

(3) when more than one solar panel cables are connected, to pull out or cut off connection cables. If possible, cover panels with blue tarpaulin or cardboard, or upside down, to avoid exposure to the Sun.

(4) possible with plastic tape wrapped around bare copper wires in the cable cross section.

(5) when transporting the solar panel to the abandoned places, be on the safe side, will be smashed with a hammer. In addition, the composition of the panels components are as follows: semi-tempered glass (about 3mm), the cell (Silicon panels: 10~15cm square, thick-0.2~0.4mm, silver, solder, copper foil, etc), transparent, white resin panels, metal frames (mainly aluminium) boxes, wiring material, resin and so on.

(6) after sunset and at night when there is no sun, although essentially the power of solar panels, but as and when the sun shines on the job.

Original title: JPEA call attention in the earthquake damaged solar panel approach

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