Double opportunity for clean energy development

Polaris solar PV net news: “new round of electric power system reform, embody the idea of new energy development, how to improve clean energy and new energy sources in energy consumption in specific gravity, how to establish a new mechanism for the development of clean energy. “A number of experts in the recently held” 2016 clean electric power Forum “, said that” along the way “, and” made in China “2025” as people with energy enterprise under the condition of market, clean energy, new energy companies are facing unprecedented market opportunities.

To bring new momentum to clean energy development

New round of electric power system reform should be how to clean energy development? Under the market mechanism designed to better promote the development of clean energy, and coordinate balanced relations with traditional sources of energy, the electricity market to maintain healthy, sustainable development?

National Energy Board Information Center Director Sun Yaowei in 2016, said at a forum on clean power, “Twelve-Five” clean energy during rapid development, is the best period of development in history. Not only production grew rapidly, power level, enterprise development and enterprise scale “go out” for rapid development. “With the increasing amount of energy, especially under the new normal, slower energy demand, and new energy development fast case, there have been a lot of problems. There are planning issues, policy issues, abandoning wind up light problem also has development bottlenecks. How to hack in the institutions and mechanisms of development, is a very important aspect. ”

The “Twelve-Five” period, China’s energy strategic thinking is to return the commodity nature of energy commodities. Sun Yaowei said that last year, China issued a document on deepening the reform of electric power 9th, in many ways embodies the idea of new energy development. First, the reform differently, focusing on the mechanism of innovation. So I talked about in a problem-oriented development mechanism, market and pricing mechanisms; in the development mechanisms focused on how to promote the development of new energy; in the five principles of reform, energy conservation section focuses on how to improve the clean energy and new energy’s share of energy consumption; in task describes how to promote power supply open, establish new mechanisms for the development of clean energy.

“From the standpoint of reform, is very concerned about the healthy development of clean energy. However, in reality there are many specific issues that need to be refined. In addition to 9th, also unveiled a 6 supporting documents. The ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ period, along with the pilot, as well as related documents issued, clean energy and new energy sources will play a good role in promoting development. “Sun Yaowei said comb on four innovative or said there is progress.

Are released clean energy priorities in the plan released plans. Clean energy can give priority to Internet access, within the planning area guarantees a full takeover. Second is the promotion of inter-provincial networking market. Beijing electric power trading center, Guangdong electric power trading center will provide good basis for large-scale delivery of various energy base. Third model in the market, and also to take full account of these factors. With the establishment of power market, to full attention and consideration of the new energy Internet. Four is for the development of distributed energy, you need to create new institutions and mechanisms, so side sale reforms focused on this issue.

“There are a lot of new ideas in energy development, including the energy Internet, smart grid, including energy storage, electric vehicles and other, new format, new demands for reform. “Sun Yaowei said that with the reform of power transmission and distribution, and energy will play a good role in promoting reform.

Clean energy going to “hold out”

In 2009, the first “international clean energy Expo China” success for all levels of Government, power companies, research institutions, equipment manufacturers to build a broad exchange platform. After 7 years of continuous development, attracting the industry’s latest technologies and policy makers from around the world who brings a great deal of purchasing groups and diversified financing channels and cooperation opportunities, has become one of China’s most influential exhibition on clean energy, to promote has contributed to the development of clean energy.

Party Secretary of the CEC said in an interview, Executive Vice President Yang Kun, to fully play association role of bridges and bonds linking the Union, promote the development of clean energy in recent years has focused on three aspects of the work. A is in-depth carried out power industrial and the clean energy development planning, and power energy-saving emissions and the low carbon development, and clean energy development mechanism, aspects of research, active promoted related legal, and regulations, and policy introduced; II is tie national about sector prepared released has more than 400 more items clean energy utilization of technology standard, and completed has hydropower, and PV power, China clean energy standard English version translation; three is and international energy Department, and Europe electric joint, and Asia-Pacific Electric Association, international organization and United States, and Japan, and European, and Korea and other countries and regions, industry associations, power companies have maintained good interaction and organization, including a series of international clean energy Expo China exhibition and exchange activities, organization of Chinese power enterprises participated in a number of international activities, promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of clean energy.

“Along the way”, and “made in China” 2025 “for new energy enterprises in China have brought a broader market context, our new energy enterprises in the” Thirteen-Five “period is facing unprecedented market opportunities. Chinese enterprises “going out” issue, Yang Kun suggested: one is to be familiar with local policy related to clean energy investments, local religions, customs, and so on, can be considered the finding strong partners. Second, to understand the relevant standards, so Chinese and foreign standard docking. Three is to strengthen communication and coordination among domestic enterprises, and avoid vicious competition, you can take measures such as joint-stock, general contractor, hugs the sea, spread the single enterprise risk.

Yang kun said: “accelerate the development of clean energy has become the consensus of the world, the Chinese Government has also put forward the strategic goals for the development of clean energy, global clean energy development faces new opportunities, CEC is willing to, together with counterparts at home and abroad, strengthen communication, mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, to promote clean energy development, protection of the green earth for the benefit of future generations, share a better future. ”

Original title: double opportunity for clean energy development

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