Go out and new prospects for the photovoltaic industry

Arctic star solar PV network news: this year February, investment new energy group and First Solar (United States first solar company) signed strategy cooperation agreement, both will in China established “Sino-US PV model Park”, and will take this experience in United States established “beauty in the PV model Park”; last year October, Crystal o solar is located in Malaysia Penang of 400MW PV battery tablets factory completed production; last year May, days collection light and India a company signed cooperation understanding memorandum, will in India construction 1GW battery , 1GW component manufacturing base … …

In recent years, looking PV enterprises in global markets, investment in PV power plant, build components plant, photovoltaic industry, “going out” significantly accelerated pace. Figures from the National Energy Board in 2015, photovoltaic cells and modules in China’s exports of more than 25 million-kilowatt, exports reached 14.4 billion dollars, exporting country today number about 200.

Meanwhile, solar investment market gradually expanded. Canadian solar, in the building materials into Germany and the United States, and Japan and other overseas solar markets in developed countries, photovoltaic power station construction project investment of over 3 million-kilowatt with brilliant “along the way” construction, tebian electric energy is building in Pakistan and other countries, ZTE million-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation project. In addition, foreign projects to maintain relatively fast growth.

Worth noting is that PV manufacturing factories abroad is increasing. National Energy Board data showed China PV manufacturing enterprises in overseas production capacity of 3.2 million-kilowatt, solar module capacity 3.8 million-kilowatt; building capacity 2.2 million-kilowatt, solar module capacity 2 million-kilowatt; plan to invest in battery capacity 1.1 million-kilowatt, solar module production capacity of nearly 5 million-kilowatt.

China PV industry association in analysing the development trend this year made, photovoltaic industry, “going out” will further accelerate the pace, except in traditional mergers and acquisitions outside of existing capacity, some companies began visiting Malaysia, and Thailand, and Viet Nam, and Turkey, and India, and Brazil and new plants, to avoid “double reverse” and near the end-market.

Looking ahead, the PV industry “going out” continues to be supported by the policy. National Energy Board new and renewable sources of Energy Secretary Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director, said the country would punch in five ways:

Expand international solar energy market. Focus on Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, and India, and Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, and U.A.E. regional focus, such as South-East Asia and the Middle East national solar plan joint projects.

Second, promoting solar energy international cooperation capacity. Actively promote the “contract + financing”, “project + operations”, such as cooperation, encouraging the use of PPP, including actively promoting solar energy project investment and construction in South-East Asia and the Middle East region, led solar energy international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing. Combining the characteristics of distributed PV, participate actively in the industrial area outside parks, industrial parks and other cooperation, guiding domestic PV manufacturers “hold out” for cluster development. Through the “small and great” production cooperation, constructing the entire value chain strategic alliance to form a comprehensive international competitive advantage.

Third, encourage enterprises to strengthen international cooperation in research and development, cutting-edge technology and generic technology research and development of solar energy industry and improve industrial technology research and development capabilities and core competencies, promote industry technology progress.

Four is actively involved in the solar energy industry to international standard-setting, increase the standard of independent intellectual property rights system to promote, promote mutual recognition of testing and certification of the international.

Five is to promote international cooperation in personnel training. Increase the intensity of transnational management talent training, insist on their own training combined with government support, to train a group of complex transnational management talent, promoting international project development, construction and management system.

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