Hung summer love signing Sharpe solar energy business to an unknown

Polaris solar PV net news: the twists and turns of Hung-summer of love finally signed on April 2, acquired by Hon Hai to 388.8 billion yen price tag sharp. However, the loss of Sharpe solar concerns career prospects, Hon Hai has promised “sharp one”, the solar cell has been excluded, there is possibility of punishment.

Sharp restructuring case, Hon Hai is much higher than INCJ offer amount, as well as “sharp one” promise, promise not to sell sharp its cause, protect both employees, such as employment, gain sharp’s favor. However, Sharpe came out huge amounts of contingent liabilities, Hon Hai announced renegotiation INCJ out consultations, made sharp only Hon Hai’s new requirements, to 388.8 billion yen (original amount negotiated by 100 billion yen) sold Hon Hai. Sharp agreed that if non-Hon Hai after signing lead to broken, Hon Hai can still purchase of sharp’s LCD business and sharp one, staff employment guarantee, commitment to the cause, sharp began to take concessions.

News reports in Tokyo, sharp information published by the 30th, append text “does not contain a solar cell business reforms, or meet the best interests of shareholders business reorganization” clause. In other words, after the Hon Hai to buy sharp, still choose to dispose of the solar business flexibility.

Sharp solar energy technologies, and Hon Hai’s strategic direction of the solar timesIn

Hon Hai investment solar action continued. Announced in 2015 and Japan in soft silver, India BhartiEnterprise cooperation plan in India development 20GW in solar case, Tai Chi factory in mainland China and Taiwan after expanding cooperation PV cell capacity. Hon Hai in the Chinese response, the US firm Apple’s new energy policy, construction of 600MW of solar power generation equipment, and have started to invest in new energy-related industries. The overall direction is to China, India and other large systems in the market.

Moreover, as Japan one of the four solar plant, sharp currently has a capacity of 600MW, battery, through outsourcing. Core technology is a BLACKSOLAR component and HIT high performance battery, to residential rooftop solar energy for the development team.

Comparatively speaking, Hon Hai’s solar energy development and a sharp difference between solar technology. Sharp solar has been a 62.6 billion yen loss in fiscal year 2014, 2015 fiscal situation has not significantly improved. Although sharp on technology and brands to help Hon Hai’s Solar business a helping hand, but compared to the losses, considering both differences in development strategies, sharp’s solar future is still in doubt.

LCD Panel is the Hon Hai’s real goal?

Japanese media Toyo Keizai in an essay that, in terms of a new deal can be seen from Hon Hai to cause a sharp display panel (including LCD and OLED) demand is far higher than other careers. From the purchase amount, around 10% Panel reduced the funds than previously, but other acquisitions reduced our funds to the cause of more than 30%. Daily News also points out that acquisitions of 388.8 billion yen, 200 billion yen will be invested in OLED technology research, development and equipment procurement.

Hon Hai is the iPhone’s biggest factory, sharp OLED technology helps Hon Hai is better than Korea rivals LG. Compared with Hon Hai, in strengthening the competitive advantages of sharp’s solar technology or brand requirements is not high. Solar business is marked “business reform, business restructuring” words such as Hon Hai in the severity of this takeover targets is self-evident.

This year, from sharp PV EXPO2016 exhibition, judging by the solar technology over the past year and there have been no major breakthroughs, enhanced by home energy integration plan. In 2010, but the sharp at high prices to ensure the raw materials supply and secure signed 12-year polysilicon long term, resulting in sharp financial predicament. And Japan frequently reduced market demand, compounded by sharp’s solar operation.

According to EnergyTrend understanding China, India major demand has grown to 255~260W polycrystalline solar module, sharp 60-cell poly component product of same wattage. As the company begins in China, India build own component supply chain, production line at this stage as far away as Japan’s sharp polycrystalline module does not have special needs. Sharp battery partners can achieve Hon Hai’s contract also is unknown.

In other words, for Hon Hai, stand, sharp’s solar technology has very little meaning, limited help to brand value. Ruohonghai to carry on sharp solar business, is likely to carry out large-scale restructuring to cover its losses and development of core technologies (such as low-temperature polysilicon LTPS) and by virtue of the brand and access to enhanced solar business, future access to high-end market basis. In contrast, sharp solar ruohonghai under, said Hon Hai will upgrade their solar industry policy.

Sharp solar energy who will operate the last, it is a fact that needs reforming. Supply over the past sharp Japan domestic market, but Japan reduced demand, sharp capacity brought about by the restructuring of limited supply and another effect of vacancy, for others, this means that sharp will be relegated to a position in a competitive market.

Original title: “hung-summer love” signing Sharpe solar energy business to an unknown

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