India temporarily abandoned manned robot exploration Scout

  Wei Feng network on January 20, that most countries in the world, and in many cases is not the United States or European countries, but India. After all, India every now and then something will come up with some of the more exotic, and in many cases, people began to look. And in the end, people will be surprised to find: India is quite strong.

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  A few years ago, when India had the Moon and Mars, almost didn’t make people laugh their heads off. End result strength face, India launched the world’s lowest-cost mission to Mars, total cost was only $ 67 million. Such a price is not good enough even for the NASA, India people really did. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus cases

India temporarily abandoned manned robot exploration Scout

  And now, under the India space research organization (ISRO) accounts, even to save, they completed the cost of manned space missions budget will reach 400-300 billion rupees (about 5.9-4.43 billion US dollars). Because of this cost is not low, along with ISRO may “I reflect on oneself three times” a lot, they reflected on the biggest problem is the manned space really needs. If only to prove the power and there is no economic interest, then for the ISRO, manned space program also need not be pursued.

  So, in this context, India intends to temporarily abandon the manned space program, and was replaced by robots. For now it is very likely, we can save money, and secondly to test new equipment.

  Although many times it is easy to ignore, but now have to pay attention to is: India enjoys a meteoric rise in aviation, what if in the future they really created the “miracle”, don’t be surprised.

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