National development and Reform Commission concerning the organization declared

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All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and cities with municipal development and Reform Commission and the national development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang:

For implement implementation State on active advance “Internet +” action of guide views (country sent [2015]40,, following referred to country sent 40th, file), speed up development new economy, effective play central budget funds fill short Board, and adjustable structure, and promoting transformation of role, guide social capital into Internet and economic social fusion development, we intends organization implementation 2016 years “Internet +” major engineering, now on about matters notification following:

A, General requirements

According to country sent 40th, file requirements, insisted “open shared, and fusion innovation, and change transformation, and led across, and security ordered” development concept, combined this area development actual, strengthening on “Internet +” action advance work of top layer design and and manpower plan, focused focus, combs filter out can powerful focus support Internet and manufacturing, and agricultural, and financial, and livelihood, and traffic, and energy, economic social the field of fusion innovation, promoted industry transformation upgrade, enhanced the industry innovation capacity of major project, Mainly refers to the utilization of the Internet of things, cloud computing, next-generation Internet, mobile communications, data and other new-generation information technology, provide the basis for industry-oriented and strategic public service platform construction project.

Second, the specific requirements

(A) projects should be geared to the industry or in the field of Internet integration and innovation of development needs; construction and operation model of innovation, and for industry to provide public services resource integration and information sharing, effective support “Internet +” new industry, new model development.

(Ii) priority support I Board early in real networking major application model engineering regional pilot, and cloud computing engineering, and next generation Internet application model engineering, and mobile Internet and the fourth generation mobile communications (TD-LTE) innovation development, work in the advance of major project; priority support backbone enterprise implementation of has clear market needs of Internet application based platform project; priority support for a a industry or across sector, and across regional provides Internet public service of project.

(C) the project undertaker should be registered in China’s enterprises in the relevant industry or field has good development base, strong industry clout and leverage resources, capabilities, and has a certain degree of market services.

Third, the reporting requirements

(A) local office in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission on the use of project reserves for major national construction projects to prepare the rolling three-year investment plan of the notification on the relevant issues (investment modified [2015]2942) requirements, project content into major national construction projects. For projects that are not integrated into the project repository, I support are not considered.

(B) in accordance with “focused, avoid small” principles of organization of projects, each recommended project not more than 5, a single project with a total investment of not less than 100 million Yuan. Previously by the central financial investment or other support items shall not be declared; declared items must not be repeated in other special, action plans to support returns; in recent years, audit, inspection of fraud and other problems found in enterprises may not be declared.

(C) around the party in accordance with the central budget for investment subsidies and discount relevant provisions of the project management approach, in light of its own actual situation, do a project record for, and preparation of project funding application is responsible for directing the project construction unit (preparation see Appendix 1).

(D) Please verify carefully the application of funds and related accessories, and is responsible for its authenticity to be confirmed. For dishonest acts of fraud will be logged into the system of social credit, credit enterprises to implement the joint disciplinary.

(E) requested the local before April 25 to declare the project storage, to declare the project file before April 30 and summary (see annex 2), as well as funding request report printed in two copies (included CD) I submitted. We will be in accordance with the “Internet +” management of major projects the central budget for investment projects (interim) requirements of merit selection key project support.

(F) this notice is intended only to declare funds from the central budget to support the “Internet +” guarantee and support of major engineering projects. According to my requirements, “the Internet +” entrepreneurship, innovation, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, energy, inclusive financial of wisdom, lean, efficient service, logistics, e-commerce, and convenient transportation, Green eco, 11 actions, such as application of artificial intelligence class project, mainly through special funds to support, this is no longer submitted.

Notice is hereby given that.

Annexes: 1. ” Internet + “major project grant reports

Project background and necessity

Actuality, technology and market trends. Project on “Internet +” the significance of developing the new model development, new formats and functions.

Second, the basic situation of project unit

Include ownership, business, revenue, profits, taxes, fixed assets, asset-liability ratio, bank credit, project leaders and profiles of major shareholders, partners, and so on.

Three, project based

Sources of technology innovation, intellectual property and construction programme and comparative advantage. Project based applications in industry development Foundation in cooperation with users in the field. Departments in charge of industry in support of project management, application and other supporting policies.

Four, the construction programme

Main contents of project construction, construction, equipment selection and the main technical and economic indicators, market forecasts. Construction site, construction period of the project and schedule. Project after the completion of the operation management and business models, and so on.

Five, investment budget and financing

Total investment scale of the project, investment schemes, funding programmes and loan repayment plans.

Liu, project financial analysis, economic analysis, and key indicators

Internal rate of return, investment yield, investment return period, loan and other indicators evaluated, and analysis of economic benefit and social benefit of the project.

Seven, grant report

(A) proof of its own funds and business related files (including loss

Benefit statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement).

(B) the source of technical, intellectual property-related documents.

(C) the project application report for project funding and subsidiary file is responsible for the authenticity of the contents declared

2, the project summary sheet

National development and Reform Commission concerning the organization declared 2016

Office of the national development and Reform Commission

The April 8, 2016

Original title: national development and Reform Commission concerning the organization declared 2016 “Internet +” notification of major projects the central budget for investment projects

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