Photovoltaic industry in electricity demand slowed innovation space

Polaris solar PV net news: as a monopoly industry, what is the business model innovation in the energy sector of space, the National Energy Board are given their own direction.

In the National Energy Board on 2016 energy issued guidance in notice, listed to encourage the development of new industries. Generally revolves around three main aspects of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, “Internet +” smart energy actions and implement electric energy alternative.

Among them, more attention is the second, or “Internet +” smart energy actions. As hot last year, but there is little progress in a hot concept, this year whether there will be real progress, it is worth attention.

From the framework of the National Energy Board’s view, “Internet +” smart energy actions can be described as rich, to the administration of the city, from energy trading, as well as new model of electric vehicle applications.

In this regard, the industry believes that, in addition to the more trendy concept, new energy, including photovoltaic companies, how to find some better way to solve the problems existing in the industry, such as the peak, to dissolve on the spot, is also noteworthy.

National Energy Board says, to explore wind energy, photovoltaic to dissolve on the spot using new business models. Resolve to abandon wind, abandoned, abandoned water industry development problems, explore pilot renewable energy target management mechanism.

The soft underbelly of the industry innovation opportunities

For the energy industry, particularly in the power industry, there are two of the main problems currently facing. First, a general slowdown; Secondly, it is in this context, conflicts of interest between different power supplies, which is mainly reflected in thermal power and clean energy, nuclear, wind, photovoltaic, and.

But for clean energy, and despite its policy tilt, as well as the needs of environmental protection, but in the context of economic slowdown brought about by the comprehensive consideration of issues such as employment pressure, especially in the part of clean energy still has to rely on massive subsidies to survive situations, with thermal power direct conflicts of interest, chances of clean energy, may be unknown.

Therefore, new energy, including photovoltaic, if you want to get a better space for development, expected tilt in policy and care, may be less and less realistic. So, also are asking for a way out, including the early settlement of generating instability and intermittent nature of vulnerable.

Specifically, the way to solve this problem, including increased peak power stations, energy storage devices or is found to match power demand.

In terms of peak, national energy Administration said, encouraging the development of natural gas peak power station, moderate speed up the construction of pumped-storage power station. Promoting cogeneration units participating peaking, encourages the development of cogeneration in back-pressure as well as introduce policy measures promoting energy storage technology breakthrough, promoting large-scale participation in peak-load regulation applications.

In addition, in terms of power dispatch the Department of energy said, introduction of energy-saving and low-carbon power generation scheduling approach, giving priority to dispatch of renewable power generation, adjust the order of the coal-fired unit peaking.

In terms of local absorptive and operation mode of distributed energy resources to innovation, encourages the development of integration of Advanced Micro-grid energy storage technologies and information technology. Improve resource utilization unit financial support policy.

“The Internet +” smart energy or substance

In addition to some difficult problems within the industry through innovative ways to resolve and innovation space, comes from the expansion of the electric power consumption, as well as how to better manage and so on.

National Energy Board are given to encourage the development of new formats, including electric vehicle charging infrastructure, “Internet +” smart power instead of three main aspects of energy action and implementation.

In particular, the “Internet +” smart energy operations, construction of both intelligence and wisdom of the city small town, including the development of energy storage and electric vehicles, wisdom with new flexible mode and green energy trading market model, and so on.

In addition, also include a number of collaborative and integrated energy networks, energy data service applies the Internet eco-system construction, and energy.

However, insiders believe that “Internet +” smart energy action of specific progress may also be dependent upon the opening of the electricity market, in particular business model, such as energy and the Internet energy trading market. From international experience, the latter also greater imagination, including marketing electricity side brought about the opening of the increase in the number of market players, based on the user side of the energy market opportunities will be emerging on the Internet. From the perspective of international markets, in a diversification of power generation, electricity in electricity markets, will spawn new business opportunities as well as business models, some of the more feasible based on competition arising from the increase in electricity sales various services.

Examples of this have appeared in foreign countries. United States Opower’s case, since its inception in 2007, the business includes providing energy to electricity services recommendation, for energy companies to provide customers interactive features, and recently launched the thermostat management and intelligent home field.

On current information, in terms of change, has been developing power market pilot areas could further expand, including in regions such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, to the South, as well as pilot provinces such as Guizhou, Yunnan and Shanxi. Its trading range has also been expanded, including steady electricity trading electricity directly to long-term deals, pilot power spot market, expand the scope of transactions, transaction size, build a market environment for fair competition. And sales side, will also promote opening electricity sales business and incremental investment in distribution business in Guangdong, Chongqing and other places to carry out pilot reform of special marketing electricity side.

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