PV road walked earnings prospects

Polaris solar PV net news: road, from the foot from the, way. Mr LU Xun once said, “there is no way this, but just more people, also becomes the road.” Way, because people there, because people had to walk round, extending in all directions, connecting people from around the world.

People paid little attention to the road, because it is usually because it has no more tricks. Unlike cars there are dazzling brand types, not like clothes with a variety of collocation and style, not like all types of digital products with a wide variety of functions.

Today, we have to say that is a road, banpu is a solar cell into the road.

PV road walked earnings prospects?

You might think: is a new gimmick, there cannot be universal! And play something new?

Here is this does not yet popular, but “PV +” play new and advanced technology experience in high-tech era.

Photovoltaic power generation a very wide range of applications, said basic necessities can be associated with it.

Solar power clothes: zhiqian early has reported, break traditional clothes of defined, put solar integrated and “clothing” clothing among, not only show out alternative of beauty, also can up to function sex role, while also widely application to military, travel, aspects; solar power products can for “food” real of insulation, preservation,; for “live” is application up of, as residential of roof are is PV power best of installation places; last, “line” some car, and electric, are is Yu PV power phase combined, To create a new energy vehicles.

For pavement combined with photovoltaic power generation is a new application model, and tried in many countries.

See photovoltaic power generation “road” is how a pattern?

Principle above was constructed from bonded glass panel, Panel embedded with solar energy PV panels. Of course here is a characteristic of tempered glass material, good light transmission, able to withstand the cars rolling, meanwhile, also have features such as anti-skid. Electricity from the PV pavement for personal users, enterprises, and set up consumption.

PV road walked earnings prospects?

With PV road gradually applied in many countries, we can make a simple analysis about the feasibility.

, Solar roadways cost issues, but photovoltaic pavement construction cost, very high upfront investment, but according to the economic benefits of its power generation, more than 10 years may recover its costs, so, solar roads will be more economic than the laying of asphalt or concrete.

Second, applications, photovoltaic power generation needs a good carrier, can guarantee the stability of the power station, compared to the roof, the ground has a better installation environment and the ease of installation, and free space, and many more untapped potential.

Limitations of the three, PV road development: the first is the strength of solar panels, vehicle trips road, no good bearing capacity of PV road is of little value. This is needed to solve the technical problems. Secondly, the PV pavements, pedestrians and vehicles to and from the road certainly cannot be spotlessly, dust on a sheltered, PV will be difficult to guarantee of stability; and, third, PV road operation and maintenance will be a small cost, the most basic of pavement cleaning and everyday, and need the efficient cleaning equipment. Finally, technology needs to be improved, efficiency is still a bottleneck.

With all that said, solar road idea is beautiful, resource utilization is more close to “road”, but some technical level, investment costs and benefits, and maintenance are the emerging presence of the stumbling blocks. How in the future, we also can’t predict, because technological age, it could be anything.

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