Shaanxi Province on the issuance of pollution reducing haze defending the blue

Arctic star solar PV network news: Shaanxi Province Government released Shaanxi Province “pollution drop haze ˙ defend sky” 2016 work programme, (following referred to programme), programme to reduced coal-fired for focus task, adjustment optimization energy structure, control coal consumption growth, coal consumption share reduced to 69% following; active promotion using clean energy, increased coal modified electric promotion efforts, speed up “gasification Shaanxi” progress, vigorously development geothermal energy, and wind electric, and PV power, non-fossil energy.

Reads as follows:

People’s Government of the city, County, district, and provincial departments and agencies affiliated with:

The Shaanxi Province, “pollution-reducing haze ˙ defending the blue sky” in 2016 has the provincial Government agreed to the programme of work, it is issued to you, please carry out seriously.

General Office of the Shaanxi Provincial people’s Government

The April 6, 2016

Shaanxi Province, “pollution-reducing haze ˙ defending the blue sky” in 2016, the programme of work

As a follow-up to the plan of action for the prevention of air pollution of the State Council (guofa (2013), 37th), Shaanxi Province to speed up the implementation of the “pollution-reducing haze ˙ defending the blue sky” five-year plan of action (2013-2017) (Shan Chief (2013), 54th), promoting the province’s air quality continues to hold up well, the formulation of the work programme.

First, objectives

(A) General requirements.

In accordance with deployment and requirements of air pollution prevention and control in the province, with “prevention at source, process, manage, consequences severe punishment” as a means of strengthening the “reduction of coal, car control, dust suppression, treatment sources, burn ban, increased green” six measures, pollution control law and regulation, scientific precision drop shadows and realize its air quality continued to improve.

(B) the main objective.

Increase the proportion of fine days standard, efforts to reduce heavy pollution days over deep cuts in inhalable particles in the atmosphere (PM10) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentrations (see annex 1).

Second, priorities

(A) in the coal-fired reduction efforts.

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