Shanxi linfen City Government about the optimal 2016 photovoltaic demonstration

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the national, provincial and municipal relevant requirements of photovoltaic demonstration base of poor construction, municipal solar demonstration base 2016 project for poverty alleviation, commissioned and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources organizations the experts, representatives of public assessment, optimization pilot project enterprises. This assessment follows the principle of openness, fairness, impartiality and good faith, preferably financial strength, technical capability and experience, integrated poverty alleviation benefits good, honest and trustworthy investment enterprises as the main 2016 photovoltaic demonstration project for poverty alleviation investments in linfen city. Welcome aspiring to contribute to linfen PV pro-poor investment from investors. Details are as follows:

A basic condition

1, client: linfen people’s Government

2, selecting the best organizational unit: hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute

3, objectives: the photovoltaic demonstration project on poverty reduction priorities to address poverty alleviation through industrial poverty of State-level poverty-stricken counties in linfen city domestic demand of filing State poor.

4, project location: counties in linfen city, Shanxi province.

5, the project content: in 2016, the city’s construction of photovoltaic power generation project for poverty alleviation a 500MW. Reply size within 3 months after completion of the project for the record construction period is 6 months, operating for a period of 20 years (not including the building period).

Second, investment agency certification

6, only to group a group name or specify a wholly-owned subsidiary of participation.

7, investors must be a single enterprise, with independent legal personality, does not accept the Consortium.

8, investors registered capital of 500 million Yuan and above, with a net worth of not less than 500 million Yuan.

9, performance capacity: as of February 29, 2016, investment in projects with total capacity of grid-connected PV power plant that runs (at equity volume) is not lower than 300MW (performance can be at home and abroad).

10, investment firm commitments in linfen to set up wholly-owned company as the subject of project development and construction of the project.

11, investors are honest behavior: pre-January 1, 2013, to this day no resale of PV projects.

12, after investors in the right to development, and non-bankruptcy shall not transfer (including transfer to the subsidiary or belong to other subsidiaries in the Group). In case of force majeure shall transfer, poverty alleviation project interests should be given priority protection needs for poverty alleviation, and corresponding formalities according to relevant regulations of the State, and should be, linfen City Government’s permission.

13, investor commitments in accordance with the requirements of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation in full and guarantee income for poverty alleviation in place in time, and promised national PV electricity price subsidies in some cases that are not in place in time to pay accrued income corresponds to the poor deserve more than three months.

14, investors committed to selecting the file on PV technology indexes and construction standard requires the implementation of solar projects for poverty alleviation, national PV technology focal point on technical programmes, major equipment procurement, construction, inspection, evaluation and long-term supervision and other technology and information management, and pay the associated costs. Investors shall be assessed this fee for the initial plan by volume.

15, investors committed to the major equipment (solar cells, PV modules, inverters) and efficiency of the system shall meet the relevant documents list of technical regulations and conformity requirements.

Third, investors submitted information of the time and place

16, investors to obtain assessment information: March 25, 2016, the daily 9:O0 to 11:O0 in the morning (Beijing time), send applications for participation in the letter of intent with a seal of the company to email: [email protected] Interested investors please contact and selecting the best contacts for investor information, specific requirements is subject to notice to investors.

17, investor information document submitted on: March 28, 2016-17:00, submitted to the Golden Gulf Hotel (West linfen city Xiangyang road).

18, selecting the best contact: Ma Deqian, Qin Xiao

Selecting the best contact phone: 0357-2091521;010-51973148

To, selecting the best announcements by the PV in linfen city leading Group Office for poverty alleviation is responsible for the interpretation. Assessment notice and related information in the linfen City Government Portal and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute Web site.

Original title: linfen City Government about the optimal 2016 photovoltaic demonstration bases and construction projects for poverty alleviation investment company announcements

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