Solar heat continued unabated three factors restricting power profits

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015 PV cumulative installed capacity 43GW, ranking first in the world, new scale will be 20GW to 23GW this year. But it was not to be ignored, abandoned, subsidies owed up to 30% 2.5-year gap of 40 billion yuan, land use issues in the “three big mountains” in addition to the short term, will continue to eat into utility profits.

Energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission, will this year through the implementation of leader programs, competitive price policy guiding enterprises to reduce the cost of solar, also is working with the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of land, State administration of taxation, State Transportation Department issued subsidies, land use, taxation, go out, photovoltaic and other aspects of the new policy on poverty reduction. Among them, the list of renewable energy subsidies to declare soon to open the sixth instalment, PV financing models are designed for poverty alleviation and related documents will be issued in February this year.

Data show that in 2015 over 165,000 tons of polysilicon production, an increase of 25%; wafer and cell production more than 10 billion and 41GW, respectively, and components production reached 43GW, an increase of 20.8%, in which the polysilicon prices continue to decline, most enterprises are still losing money. Component enterprise profits have improved significantly, top ten in double-digit profitability, overseas plant to become the main focus. But capacity use differentiation significantly, order full size, brand, technology, SMEs receive orders difficult. 2015 PV exports and flat in 2014 is estimated to reach us $ 14.5 billion.

The Agency is expected June 2016 Internet benchmark prices will go down, will make installing advanced from the first half of the market is tight after the first song, all new installed capacity in 20GW,2020 years ‘ cumulative PV installed capacity in China at least 150GW.

But is not optimistic that the subsidies, land and power, “three big mountains” pressure remains, and will continue to eat into utility profits. According to statistics, up to now, the last batch of subsidies of the State project in the grid before the end of August 2013, subsidy shortfall of 40 billion yuan. Arrears issued not more than 2 years, and investment income than expected declined 0.5% in power plant, electricity prices pushed cost 2.5 minutes. Gap cannot be filled in the short term, according to estimates, additional requirements for 2020 renewable electricity price 3.1 cents per kWh, demand PV subsidies accounted for more than 40%.

This year will actively promote the advancement of renewable energy electricity price attached, currently in consultations and relevant departments of the Ministry, suggested the inclusion of residents, such as agriculture, power plant collection catalog. Meanwhile, further simplifying the subsidy procedures. List of renewable energy subsidies to declare soon to open the sixth instalment, at the same time, electronic platform will be enabled in the seventh instalment report, so that you can achieve quarterly issue of subsidies.

Power problems are also severe. According to 2015 national dispatching today abandoned photoelectric was 4.65 billion kWh, abandon rate, 12.62%, all in Northwest China’s Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and four provinces. Abandon rate of 30.7% in Gansu province, Xinjiang is 22%. New energy and fossil fuels benefit game, renewable full purchase failed to effectively implement, power grid construction not supporting is the power factor.

In addition, the issues of land property and land taxes, because the relevant sector criteria, farmland occupation tax, land tax and other affected pushed the cost of photovoltaic power generation cost, and local sponsors and industrial investment are everywhere, some places even allocated to connections.

This year will be encouraged to dissolve on the spot, scale to East slope, while encouraging various forms of photovoltaic power generation industry. For land-use problems, and the Ministry and other relevant departments will further communicate the introduction of differential land operational files, and rooftop PV is a strategic priority, in conjunction with marketing electricity side of electric power system reform to make and combine new and micro-grid energy.

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