SolarCity into China and double awards in June released

Polaris solar PV net news: SolarCity subsidiaries HIT heterojunction batteries Silevo in Hangzhou, China, but the product should be applied by SolarWorld charges China-us double tax. United States Department of Commerce accepts the SolarWorld charges and began its investigation, the final result is expected to be released in June this year.

SolarCity in 2014 to buy battery factory in Silevo, New York, and began promoting the HIT production and construction of the battery. SolarCity plans in the United States HIT the production line of native set about 1GW, 200MW by the Silevo set up a branch office in Hangzhou, China and has begun mass production.

SolarCity think Silevo HIT non-silicon thin-film solar cell batteries (a-Sithin-filmcell) are not amorphous silicon solar cell, last year had requested the United States Department of Commerce will Silevo China HIT battery products are excluded from the Sino-American double taxation, but Commerce Department recently sentenced in early results for the complaint do not pass. Final results will be announced on June 23.

SolarWorld think Silevo product is still within the scope of double tax. SolarWorld legal officer TimBrightbill said, the company’s legal team was still reviewing relevant facts and legal analysis, but “the Ministry of Commerce’s decision pointed out several points. “He explained that Silevo p/i/n structure used by the battery is just a p/n of the structure, so China and double objects. He also said, the Ministry of Commerce’s decision will help the entire industry to clarify with “compound structure” products of nature, that is, thin-film coating of Microcrystalline Silicon cells, which are still a kind of crystalline silicon solar cells.

According to United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA) with China in 2014 double sentence Factsheet definitions of tax base (scope), usually crystalline silicon PV cells are used in component scope crystal silicon PV cell is defined as the thickness of the 20mm above, with p/n junction. According to the same paper, a-Si thin-film batteries, CdTe, CIGS are not in the scope of assessment.

Judging, Silevo involved in the Sino-US double reverse battery technology is the main structure of the p/n junction.

Lin Jianhan, EnergyTrend analyst said that if the United States finally found Silevo HIT batteries are still required to pay double tax when imported, SolarCity may accelerate United States native HIT the production line production to supply the demand for its rooftop solar systems. Silevo is located in China’s production line, will be HIT as the Chinese market needs to decide to remain in deep, or moved to other areas.

Original title: SolarCity into China and double awards in June released

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