Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

Mobile SoC development very quickly now, Samsung has even launched a “4+4 nuclear” Exynos 5410 processor and Qualcomm have also introduced Xiao long 600 to the high-end market. Just two versions of Galaxy S4 I9500 and I9505 also uses Exynos 5410 and APQ8064AB, this article is a comparison of these two top SoC test.


We first compare product specifications:

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test

Judging from the SoC parameter, architectural Exynos 5410 “4+4 nuclear” and three nuclei high frequency Quad-Core GPU seems to be much better than APQ8064AB Xiao long mix HF Adreno 320 combination better than many, and APQ8064AB the advantage of high CPU frequency, reaching 1.9GHz, second only to Intel’s 2GHz.

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test


The following test, the I9500 version XXUAMDN firmware version XXUAMDL,I9505. 


Theory test

Theory test using some common software run on I9500 and comparing the performance of I9505.


Rabbit test V3.3

Although this test does not represent absolute performance, but can also be used as a reference. I9500 in RAM and GPU performance advantage I9505 advantage in floating-point performance, you can clearly see, both down I9500 show 1.4GHz,I9505 show 1.6GHz

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test


Since there is a reduced frequency, of course we would also like to give it a try “refrigerator-runs” through the phone’s low temperature treatment, both running promotion where I9500 increase more. Refrigerator running, I9500 advantages still exist, and the CPU integer and floating point performance have very big promotion, floating-point performance has been flat and APQ8064AB, on the run from An Tutu I9500 can “end child abuse” I9505, through the phone freezing, can also see I9500 CPU frequency for 1.6GHz,I9505 and the recognition of 1.9GHz

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test



Qualcomm launched a Web testing software, HTML5 properties within close proximity of the two, can be thought of as test errors. In addition, with the use of mycophenolate mofetil-Optimus g Dragon 600 Pro more than 2400, so you can play well that I9505 in this test. Some of the Metal is the I9500 performed better, the advantages of which is the A15

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test



Calculate pi in the past we often use in PC CPU tests now, Android mobile application has a corresponding calculation for PI, the following calculation is 10 million tests, I9500 33.9 seconds, I9505 36 seconds, a big gap, but we see with Xiao long 600 millet 2S is 35 seconds, Optimus g Pro is only 34 seconds, Reflect the nominal frequency in actual tests of higher I9505 than 1.7GHz APQ8064T (lower is better)

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test


Rabbit 3D

Overall score relative to the rabbit test, and was split out a 3D test for measuring GPU performance is very accurate. I9500 in case of 1080P can reach 34.6 of the high number of frames, and I9505 just a difference of 10 frames. 24.4 the achievement gap and I9500 is a little big, but compared to previous Adreno 320, there is a certain increase of

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test


GLBenchmark 2.7

Older GPU testing software, new version 2.7 on the GPU performance also put forward new requirements, while version 2.7 and 2.5 test. Test GPU Offscreen absolute performance tested here, version 2.7 comparison test focuses on GPU Shader performance, so Qualcomm Adreno 320 equipment-in this test will be relatively high. I9505 score at last in this test surpassed I9500, but beyond the range is not too high. In version 2.5, I9500 2 frame more than the I9505, and their higher level than Adreno 320

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test

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BaseMark X

This software uses the Unity engine 4.0, introduces a number of particle effects, advanced lighting effects and post processing, so the GPU creates a lot of pressure on mobile phone, this test is more of an emphasis on GPU Shader performance, so Qualcomm Adreno 320 continues strong performance, I9505 is very eye-catching performance, rather than the others we’ve ever tested Adreno 320 devices are excellent. I9500 superior GPU specifications, is still to be I9505 a cut above

Civil war I9500 VS I9505 performance test



PC old GPU launch mobile version to support cross-platform comparison, including iOS, Android and Windows devices can join the comparison of RT, but for the time being only Android version is available, 3DMark tests include Ice Strom test based on OpenGL ES 2.0. Here is the default test (test equipment will be consolidated in 720P) and Adreno 320 devices has always been good in the 3DMark, so higher scores in our I9505 here to be expected. Gap is mainly reflected in the second on the number of frames display the test scenario, gap of 8 frames


Practical application

Theory test, we can clearly see the I9500 overall performance is higher than I9505, and that in practice they will have any different?


Sunspider page Javascript

This is a reference to a high degree of measuring CPU single-threaded performance testing, test score as low as possible, use browser Chrome Beta. Sunspider 0.9.1, I9500 reached horrible 667ms, which is now on the top level, I9505 have just broken 1000ms mark, gap is not small (lower score is better)

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Sunspider 1.0, I9500 performance is still strong, still got the 774ms of excellence, and the relatively poor performance of I9505 (a lower score is better)


Comparison chart


Video software solutions

Video decoding software is also an important measure of CPU performance test project, the test project test multithreaded performance CPU, and video hardware solution is different, this is a way to test CPU general purpose computing power, and can use a multi-core processor, the following tests using BSPlayer version 1.9.


First test is a 1080P 60fps ref=16 MP4 video frames I9500 averaged 35, while I9505 only 28 frames and even some Xiao Long 1.7GHz 600


Next is the “normal level” test, high specifications of the video above has baffled two processors most now, and our increased level difficulty, for a soft 1440P 30fps ref=3 MP4 video solution, look at the gap between. I9500 18 is the average number of frames, frames and I9505 is 16, a big gap


Comparison chart


Game testing

Game tests primarily measure mobile GPU graphics processing power, of course, CPU and memory performance gap will cause certain effects, here used games are some of the major 3D games, with the number of frames detected software FPS Meter comparison of the average number of frames.


Modern warfare 4 (1.0.5)

Here are using the latest version 1.0.5 of modern war frames 4,I9500 frames on average 35,I9505 average 30, neither to the highest quality of both effects, character missing dynamic shadows


Real racing 3 (1.1.7)

The game’s graphics are very good, of course, very high demands on the GPU have I9500 frames average is the average number of frames 34,I9505 29


Iron Man 3 (1.0.5)

This is a Gameloft new Parkour game, although it was dubbed “escape + combination of fruit Ninja Temple”, but iron man in their image quality performance and hardware configuration requirements are at a relatively high level, I9500 is not very well in this game, the average number of frames only 22


Lightning commando (1.0.1)

Gameloft’s latest a FPS game, picture style comics, high hardware requirements, I9500 frames in about 35, average number of frames I9505 28, there is a gap between


4 due to the popular game need for speed 17, Dungeon Hunter game is an old version of I9500 poor support may not achieve the maximum effect, so the test is unfortunately did not do it.


Game frame comparison chart


In order to be able to visually see the nuances of two mobile phones in daily use, there are also specially recorded a video, 90MB 4-minute video is a compression speed of folder comparison results is the I9500 44 seconds, while I9505 took 1 min 04 sec


Video decoding

Using a variety of video formats to I9500 and I9505 test the video capability. Following is a list of videos:

720P group

FLV OP,1280×720,H.263

MP4 Jay of the nunchaku, 1280×720,H.264 High Profile L5.1, bit-rate 17M

AVI of the realm of samsara trailer 1280×720,Xvid

Official video WMV Microsoft WMVHD, 1280×720,VC-1,[email protected]

RMVB the black God little theatre, 1280×720,RV40

FLV rings, 1280×720,HEVC,1000kbps


1080P group

MP4 Clannad OP ,1920×1080,H.264 High Profile L5. ref16

MKV Conan theatrical trailer for 15, 1920×1080,H.264 Main Profile L4.0, audio AC-3

Official video WMV Microsoft WMVHD, 1440×1080,VC-1, [email protected]

MKV Fate stay night [Realta Nua],1920x1080p,Hi10P,23.976fps

FLV rings, 1920×1080,HEVC,1200kbps

MP4 Angel Beats,1920×1080,ref16,fps=60

MP4 2160×1440,ref3,fps=30


Decoding results comparison chart



I9500 “4+4 nucleus” of heat we’ve experienced, it compared to the calorific value of I9505 and UHF and much disparity? The following test after 20 minutes when the temperature after 4 games modern warfare. I9500 positive maximum temperatures reached 46 degrees Celsius, while the I9505 has reached 43 degrees Celsius (at ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celsius). Quad core A15 “firepower” in our last evaluation has been impressive (the highest temperature reached 50 degrees), and high frequency of Krait is not fuel-efficient lights


Battery life

And fever, many netizens I9500 also expressed concern about the battery life issue, the test is divided into two pieces, another for high-load large 3D game test, time is 30 minutes. Another is routine for low load applications, including 30 minutes of WiFI browsing through Twitter, a Web page. Test results were surprising, both strikingly similar to electricity consumption, modern warfare 4 after 30 minutes of the game, both from 100% per cent to 86%. After a 30-minute online test, both from 86% per cent to 81%, and the curve is very close. And we generally think of “4+4 nuclear” does not match the version of the idea of more power. In addition, the I9505 “Google services” ranked first in power consumption is a strange phenomenon, found after opening it only take five seconds of CPU time, so there may be a bug of the statistics. Small series after several test, condition is true. While foreign media test I9505 found that found that upgrading the firmware allows it to be battery life boost, I believe that through future firmware upgrades, I9505 battery life will scale new heights


From the test above, I9500 overall performance is much better than I9505, Exynos 5410 quad core A15 has played a very important role, and Qualcomm APQ8064AB, although APQ8064 has been a lot of progress in the past, but effectiveness and Exynos 5410 gap, coupled with I9505 due to the block issue, the overall performance is not very good, CPU performance and 1.7GHz APQ8064T. And in terms of GPU, I9505 of Adreno 320 frequency is 450MHz, higher than Adreno 320, game performance is relatively good, but relatively I9500 PowerVR SGX544MP3 533MHz is a little weak. From the game’s performance, I9500 is more excellent than I9505. Fever, I9500 in the test temperature is higher than I9505, but not by much. Battery life, both in testing performance amazing I9500 battery does not appear to be as everyone thought so much (of course, there will be firmware, test the effects of the project).


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

Charting: @Sissi Shi Liqian


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