Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

Low price: Logitech Trackpad. 99

Every person who use Apple computers, will be tough to comfortable, smooth Trackpad, which is conquered touchpad. To tell you the truth, this is mainly because the Win system touchpad is too uncomfortable. However, Apple Trackpad is too expensive, Logitech introduced a corresponding cock wire version, which Logitech Trackpad. Although certainly there are differences, but so much cheaper prices.

Logitech Trackpad recent low price of $ 19.99, about 120 Yuan, the price is 220 Yuan, China in the same paragraph 390.

Purchase address Just Cavalli iPhone case

Just Cavalli iPhone case

Low price: Logitech Trackpad. 99
Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

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Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

DJI Matrice 100 open flying platform is designed to provide innovative application developers in the field of UAV development platform, it is not for ordinary consumers. Matrice is equipped with several communication interfaces, power supplies, and extension, users can install various types of equipment on the platform and to obtain flight data and control mechanisms, loading 1kg 20 minutes flying time, carrying extra batteries can be up to 40 minutes. Just Cavalli iPhone 5S case

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