Advent of hybrid electric vehicle the Sun blowing can run

Polaris solar PV net news: Handan customs cadres Junchang Li personally designed, for the manufacture of “hybrid” electric cars don’t have to burn oil, plug in the power supply, simply “bask in the Sun, the wind” can run Swish, have received widespread attention. Today, after many improvements to solar and wind powered cars make up for deficiencies in the drive does not charge, asset assessment sector assessment, the patent market value of nearly 40 million.

Advent of hybrid electric vehicle: the Sun blowing can run

Li junchang and his “hybrid” electric cars. Reporter Wang photography

Yesterday morning, a head panels, rear erected colorful wind axes of the exotic car Street, Handan city, passing pedestrians and motorists who frequent attention.

Car master Junchang Li introduced said, he for automatically watches initiation has let car not consumption energy of idea, and from solar, and wind joint power of city street Shang by inspired, after 3 years of painstakingly study, and test, finally design out has a paragraph pure electric bus, this car captains 7.995 meters, and wide 2.54 meters, and high 4 meters, relies on car top 19.9 square meters solar Board, and 10 Department wind generator provides power. July 2013, the utility model patent, vehicle name “wind and solar combined with pure electric vehicles.”

In August 2014, Li junchang in accordance with their own patented design, a tour of electric vehicles into the first “hybrid” electric cars, and in last March on the road. “Hybrid” electric power transcends the traditional solar vehicles, subject to various conditions, during the vehicle’s operation will not charge, affects the battery life and usage.

Li junchang absorbed opinions from all sides, vehicle defects and deficiencies of painstaking research and improvement. First solar panels over the body, get rid of wind generators lightning not only prolongs the service life of solar panels, but also by lowering the ride height, improved vehicle stability and safety. In addition, Li junchang the charging circuit technology improved so that batteries store electricity matched with the motor power required, meets the vehicle en route to power, charging needs.

Starting from mid-March this year, modified “hybrid” electric vehicle safe traveling hundreds of kilometers, up to 40 km/h, can travel more than 80 km on a single charge, can fully meet the needs of commuters, and environmental protection. Li junchang said proudly, his “hybrid” electric car can really achieve a “zero pollution, zero emissions, zero-energy” if large scale, can save large amounts of energy, according to the patent needs to collect folk songs, the characteristics of light, is very suitable for larger body size of city buses.

Recently, a large asset evaluation firm in Handan city in accordance with developments in the next decade, Li junchang new electric into promoting small and comprehensive assessment of the stage of mass production, mass production stage, that the patent market value of 39.5178 million Yuan.

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