Alleged fraud PV project construction bond model of martial arts

Polaris solar PV net news: spring to spring back again! New energy industry pick up, a large number of projects in full swing across the country.

Alleged fraud: PV project construction bond model of martial arts

Among them, the PV power plant construction has become the team gold by land, had been engaged in infrastructure and real estate construction also joined the fray.

Industry booming, more and more is true. But wherever there are Lakes, photovoltaic industry, can be described as a mixed bag, a little careless, making many of the old Lake may also here “face”.

This time, Yang has long been engaged in photovoltaic power plant construction business (not his real name) to China energy network reporter calling early in the morning today, worried that “we might be deceived.”

What the hell is going on? To begin with a meal begins.

Yang told reporters that earlier this year, at a dinner, a friend introduced him to, a photovoltaic power plant investment in Jiangsu Nanjing is “energy”, has many projects in hand can operate.

Lao Yang “covet”, and soon friends afterwards these investors. A few pleasantries, the other side is the atmosphere that, plenty of projects done in hand, but in order to ensure the project quality, you need to pay an expensive construction bonds.

Subsequently, based on the trust of friends, for some construction projects also earn some money, old Yang before the company agreed to pay a security deposit.

Unexpectedly, this is the beginning of a hard war.

“Real construction sight, even construction needs our advanced”, Yang told China energy network reporter, later found that the investor is not genuine investors, which means bad, everyone will work together to see that such investors “means”:

First of all, the investor talk the owners, says he has the strength, how much capital behind, a not bad money. Investors also touted its operations, how many programs, and owners of associated costs are relatively high and fast deposit to the owner, and the pledge of shares of the project company.

The second step: lock project, with construction similar to the old Yang said, some projects, and construction cost is slightly higher than normal, you can schedule payments.

He also says funds soon, even given the timing. But there was a prerequisites: you must pay a security deposit, tens of millions, millions of. “Of course they took our money doing, we do not know. “Yang said.

The third step: construction started after entering, and went below to have, the other party has been dragging … …

Old Yang of contractor’s surprise, later found that the investor should find backing … …

Risk a little bit prominent, Yang’s team is getting worried. Therefore arranged asked around and found: investment Lao Yang not only involved a construction party, and everyone is worried about paying the deposit not returned. One of the contractors, 200-megawatt project to invest 9 million margin, “estimate may be yellow.”

“The projects we are early human and material inputs, some projects are also good, has some maneuvering room, but they did not find backing, have even found it needs further, we can get the money. ”

Yang said that, whether or not there has been a gradual “empty glove White Wolf” mean? But construction is currently just hanging there, “is a friend, a bad turn, everyone is helpless. ”

Yang currently can only watch helplessly as the pseudo-investors can find backing to pay construction costs, or can return millions of deposit as soon as possible.

“You said I could do? Finally, it is not the only legal recourse. “Old Yang sighed deeply.

Original title: fraud: PV project construction bond model of martial arts

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