Coal prices dive Thailand King of coal power in China to buy solar power

Polaris solar PV net news: Thailand’s largest coal mines and power plant operators banpu Group (Banpu Public Company Limited) has recently become an active user on the new energy trading markets in Asia Pacific.

In the industry with the “King of coal power in Southeast Asia,” said of the banpu group, had been more interest in coal mining and traditional power generation. In 2016, the banpu group Kai began to launch a solar field expansion plans of mergers and acquisitions.

News from Bloomberg, banpu Group announced earlier this week to spend about us $ 93 million (about 600 million yuan), the acquisition of the four solar power plant project in China’s Shandong province.

Wan Pu this major coal sales plunged due to last two years.

Wan Pu Somruedee Chaimongkol, Group Chief Executive, said the purchase will in 2016 interim after the four solar power projects use came into force.

According to one person close to banpu Group China top reporters on the interface, Thailand has become the solar executives the investment one of the fancy. Corresponding to this is that China is Thailand purchasing power is one of the main suppliers of energy.

The industry insiders told reporters, except China PV power station, Wan Pu Group also to consider other more mature markets, the internal investigation to buy Japan the feasibility of solar power plants.

Coal accounted for 93% of Group income. In 2015, was founded more than 20 years, the headquarters is located in Thailand’s world well-known enterprises in coal energy because of the global downturn, coal city injured, prices dip as much, banpu group in the year’s first loss in the second quarter to 54.3 million baht (about 10 million yuan).

First half of 2014 than 2.49 billion baht (about 450 million yuan) in net profit, banpu investor dismay group net profit in the same period plunged by more 94%. Performance flip is because coal price plunge.

First quarter of 2016, banpu group loss improved, double growth in revenue and profit, mainly because it was in the group is located in mergers and acquisitions the Hong Shahuo power project in Laos. Evaluation of the industry, without strong management measures, banpu Group operates or will face even greater challenges.

Wan Pu said, Sino-Japanese solar power plant acquisitions if the two countries can be completed in a timely manner, then the Group’s installed capacity of more than 100 megawatts of solar power station. 78.5 MW of which came from China, 20.8 MW from Japan. To reduce the Group’s operational risk and broaden the sources of profit diversification has a great help.

Somruedee Chaimongkol said Wan Pu currently plan to boost generating capacity to 4000 megawatts, power while aggressively expanding its business overseas, main target market is China. Indonesia, Viet Nam, and Japan and India have become important distribution market.

These people told reporters, banpu group plan to invest in renewable energy, including solar, biomass and biogas power to compensate for losses caused by coal.

Wan Pu County, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei and Shandong investing in coal mines and power plants. Its operations in China, headquartered in Beijing, currently operates two underground in North China coal mine and three combined heat and power plants.

In China’s coal industry since 2003, Wan Pu by Asian American coal mining coal company in China for investment and development, with Shanxi gaohe energy limited (high river), 45% shares. High River coal from Shanxi province got 30 years of underground coal mining and production rights. Design production capacity of 6 million tons per year. Meanwhile, its invested coal production in Henan, by Hebi zhongtai mining limited 40% of the shares of the joint venture, which operates underground coal mine in Henan province, Hebi coal mine with an annual output of 1.4 million tons.

In early 2006, Wan Pu investment gains in China coal mine (China) Ltd began to enter China’s power market. Currently in zhengding, Hebei province, luannan zouping, Shandong province, and owns and operates three thermal power plants, three power plants with a total installed capacity of 248 MW, total production was 808 tonnes of steam per hour.

Original title: coal prices plunged Thailand King of coal started to buy solar power plant in China

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