Distributed PV financing difficulties and solutions

Polaris solar PV net news: PV financing, financial myths, China is already confused, but relatively small distributed PV financing, large centralized financing of PV are difficult to say.

For too many friends in the industry are eager to find distributed PV plants financing solutions of voice, old red a year ago thinking is: still smoke. A year later concluded that advertised mountains of Tiger, advised King not to easily move on. Distributed PV market extensively, financing is no solution.

Distributed referred to in this article is the standard meaning of distributed PV power station, is “10,000 volts and the voltage connected to the grid, and the single and network capacity does not exceed 6 megawatts of power generation projects” in the context of distributed PV power station, its performance for small commercial roof and roof photovoltaic power plant.

So distributed PV market, because the distributed concerning rationalization of the energy supply in China, because in photovoltaic development “Thirteen-Five” planning, distributed target is 70GW, but only until the end of 2015 China built 5.7GW, which means that over the next five years, annual 12GW construction tasks and 120 billion yuan of investment and financing needs. News, current stock roof PV power station can be built only 300GW.

Distributed PV market so financing is the most difficult, because of distributed PV power station does not have a standard form and monomer amount is too small. As you can imagine, when people understand the connotation of distributed PV power station, will understand the causes of financing problems of distributed, so the “scholar does not step outside, can learn what is happening in the world”, because the financial to pursue standardization, scale and replicability of the financial products, which are distributed photovoltaic power stations do not have.

Based on this background, two to the reason of distributed PV financing not only difficult, but no solutions.

First, a serious lack of appropriate finance products.

In the current financial environment, the scale of financing needs of tens of thousands of distributed PV plants, millions of bank financing was the only financing products. Especially not perfect micro-credit market in China, relative to the same mass consumption of television, finance, distributed PV financing not small in scale but serious difference in standardized levels, making it difficult for bank credit financing products in this unique place. While in Shanghai, although the Bank launched a “solar credits”, but can be asserted to be, in the short term, the serving size of this product could not, copy to appear in more places in the form. A market with strong demand but no supply products are incomplete, which determine the distributed PV plants financing has no solution.

Secondly, the severe shortage of financial institutions willing to provide.

Financial institutions are pursuing interests are lazy, always continuation of financial institutions, the history of hundreds of years of financial xianpinaifu and too little love habits. Distributed PV financing, the Finance of the different projects are completely different conditions, no standardization, no scale, allows financial institutions to actively serve the single amount is small and not copy market, with predictable results. A market with strong demand and no one is willing to service is also incomplete, distributed PV plants financing depend on it has no solutions.

Distributed PV plants financing does not mean no way. As a successful solution to the case, in the United States with Solarcity, Yang, Zhejiang, Beijing sunny days in China.

Solarcity’s success, China PV companies famous, known, imitators just two years ago, after two years of success without it. This phenomenon did not understand nature does not understand that this is because China and the financial environment is different, pizhibucun the hair adhere to; understand naturally understand Solarcity’s key to success, is a non-financial enterprise plays in financial enterprises should play a role.

Distributed PV market with strong financing needs, when financial institutions lack the time, by both finance and understand PV, is good at non-financial companies make up brain they earned them, by joining both supply and demand of funds, play a financial role of the enterprise is too lazy to, this is Solarcity, Beijing Yang, Zhejiang sunny day the key to success. These three enterprises through distributed PV market for a long time of hard work, making them in the eyes of financial institutions has become a standard, a kind of credit, financial institutions appears to be on a distributed project financing through them, are actually the three corporate finance.

Can read that very few businesses, businesses that can really do it less and less, distributed PV plants financing has no solution.

Distributed PV to development, investment and finance issues that must be addressed, and hope that more enterprises through which he plays that help people cross the foot stone character. In this regard, past green Po wants to do, but they have thus far failed to do so. Old red a few days ago met a struggling to work in rural roof bosses wanted to do, he is expected to do.

Original title: distributed PV financing difficulties and solutions

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