Encountered this idea of five circumstances abandon building photovoltaic power

Polaris solar PV net news: City of high-rises, neon. Hurrying figure can be seen everywhere, market value placed in Bandit clothes, bags, all kinds of luxury cars in the street roadside speed, air filled with stylish atmosphere.

Fashion outlined for the city: “only you can not think of, nothing. “Read carefully, it does. Many people have been fashionable, technological trends, and played on the roof photovoltaic power plant.

As the State support policies for PV power generation are maturing, ushered in the building the roof installation spree, urbanites idle resources effective use of roof, on the premise of to meet their own electricity needs, the remaining electricity sold to the State grid, save electricity, and increased revenue, and practice of energy-saving, environmental protection, can be too.

But note! Not all people, all roofs are suitable for installation of photovoltaic power stations, urbanites encounter five situations can take the initiative to give up the idea of building power plants!

One, poor area of illumination

Because PV power only in light conditions, if your city smog all year round, rain or ice and snow, poor light conditions, then it is not suitable for the construction of photovoltaic power plant. Most people build photovoltaic power station is not really on fashion, trends, they are more focused on saving electricity to obtain return and, of course, there are energy saving and environmental protection factors in it.

Smog all year round, rain or ice and snow, without good illumination, benefits cannot be assured, Yu Jianguang volt power station, contrary to the original intention of.

Second, roof rights is not clear

When users apply the roof PV power station needs to prepare some materials: evidence of the property or the use of housing; public roof construction power plant requires proof of consent issued by the property-building materials, as well as other owners consent.

Certificate in order to prove this roof, this House belongs to you, so you can only build photovoltaic power plant. If you live in the housing, then the roof does not belong to you! For multilayer or top over top of a residential building in the public area, does not belong to a single family, the residents of the whole building use rights.

You want to be in a public area to build individual station, requires the consent of all the owners consent to do this I think is not so easy! If the privately built power plants, will most likely face a danger of being split.

Third, the roof load capacity

PV power station was built on the roof, to fully take into account the fixed roof load, wind load, snow load, earthquake load, but also has enough capacity to host the PV modules, PV cable bracket, as well as, part of the weight.

Without taking into account these factors, in the harsh environment, the roof is likely to be crushed.

Four roofs keep out severe

These problems do not exist, then there will be a basic condition of building power plants, we would like to remind here is block, block usually refers to something block, South block. Many factors leading to occlusion, may be between floors may be vegetation, probably between components. Don’t underestimate the block hazard components have long been obscured shutters of solar heating, hot-spot effect, severe cases can damage the module.

Build power stations need exploration well in advance before the roof area in and around the building.

Economic strength of five, did not build power stations

Photovoltaic power plant construction costs are high, 5kW solar power stations to more than 40,000 yuan, and if you’re still lingers under the food, so please leave it alone! Upfront investment, after all, is not a small number, plus 6 years this week, want to earn quick money by investing in photovoltaic power plant is not realistic.

Summary: from the PV market development potential, the potential of the city, rich in resources, more people with economic strength is relatively rural, which is this years of PV power in the city to promote faster than rural main reason. Photovoltaic power generation is not for all people, all roofs are available. In order to build a sustainable and stable revenue of PV power plant, you need to consider many factors, only the PV is not what some people call the chicken.

Original title: meet the five, gave up the idea build photovoltaic power plant

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