Feixian Shandong province Fei County people s Government issued the photovoltaic

Polaris solar PV net news: the Township people’s Government, Philadelphia neighborhood offices, relevant departments of the County Government:

Photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation measures for the supervision and management of income distribution, Fei has County Government agree that it is issued to you, please follow carefully.

Fei County people’s Government Office

The May 6, 2016

Fei PV project supervision and management of income distribution measures

Chapter I General provisions

First to implement poverty alleviation crucial job requirements and specific income distribution of PV power generation projects on poverty reduction, in accordance with the views on the implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction (the change of energy [2016]621) these measures are formulated.

Article the township (the street) to poverty alleviation precise object recognition based on dynamic management objects on poverty should, in principle, safeguard poor households get more than 3000 a year.

Chapter II income and distribution

Article on the poor roofs and courtyard property of residential photovoltaic system installed to all poor earnings in addition to repaying all the poor.

Article at all levels of Government funds to support the construction of village PV power plant assets are owned village collectives, determined by the village collective benefit distribution, most of the earnings should be allocated directly to eligible poor and few can be use as a village collective welfare funds.

Article fifth village PV power plant for poverty alleviation, by Government-owned company, kulak, Fei photovoltaic power generation limited liability company to PV right to income and other assets as collateral, for a superior policy banks and commercial banks to support unified credit. Establishment of income distribution mechanism for poverty alleviation, net of Bank loan repayments, costs of operation and maintenance costs, land-use and the corresponding taxes, after considering the amount of PV damping, all as poor earnings, by clearing the power company, Fei, Fei kulak photovoltaic power generation limited liability company in accordance with the “one family, one card” legitimate and allocated to each poor household’s average “huinong card”.

Sixth concentrating photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation, adopt “PV +” mode of operation, funded jointly by the Fei and the Shandong commercial group in the East building, funded ratio of 3:7. Administered by the East business group is responsible for building and operating since 20 years in 2016, to poor to pay 3000 RMB/per household per year. Fei County power supply company on a monthly basis directly from the Internet all the charges deducted tariffs available to datianzhuangxiang Government, datianzhuangxiang Government paid monthly to the poor.

Chapter III supervision and management

Seventh County power supply company in accordance with the billing cycle to poor villages, poor households paid Internet access tariffs.

Eighth village committees responsible for each quarter of the village PV generation and income distribution and publicity, the Township people’s Government (Street) in charge of the town (Street) all PV plants and posted annual output and income, access to public and social supervision.

The Nineth Township people’s Government (Street) to strictly implement pro-poor policies, not fraud, County departments of development, finance, poverty alleviation should step up joint supervision, to intercept or appropriate or divert or not complying with the provisions on the use of photovoltaic funds to rectification, rectification is not in place, or constitute a violation, timely transfer of relevant departments to seriously deal with and investigate the relevant personnel.

The fourth chapter by-laws

Tenth article this way since May 10, 2016, valid until May 9, 2021.

Original title: Fei Fei County people’s Government Office on the issuance of PV project supervision and management of income allocation notice

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