Google love stories can make intelligence a more humane

  When you use the search engine or similar virtual assistant Siri, you may not communicate with it too much emotion, if any, human software engineers purposely added to the program. However, Google now hope the romance will solve this problem.

  It is understood that Google is their artificial intelligence (AI) read thousands of romance novels, to increase the degree of artificial intelligence personality, and it has human skills.

Google: love stories can make intelligence a more humane

  Google software engineer Andrew Dai said: “the artificial intelligence to be able to use the very real response, we hope to respond to the human, and its dialogue with a different tone and style. ”

  This project has been going on for a few months of time, researchers have shown AI 2865 of the novels. Google says that artificial intelligence would be included in romance novels to understand more about meaning and nuances. At present, it has been able to write sentences similar to the romance novels.

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  Next, Google will try to apply this technology to its products, such as Google search engine and Google Inbox. M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

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