Gou will devote all resources to enhance sharp solar cell business

Polaris solar PV net news: sharp on May 25, announced the acquisition of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Technology Group CEO Terry Gou Dai Zhengwu and Vice energy solution business statement.

Declaration is entitled “to important customers and partners”, says energy solutions business, “continued to, maintain and strengthen the sharp brand” and “vowed from the heart”: “to provide the most comprehensive after-sales service, a revolutionary solar and energy-related equipment, expand energy solution business”.

Currently, sharp solar panel manufacturing and sales center of the business, are likely to be transferred or downsized were reported one after another. In this case, for this cause, the statement said, “is going all out,” “not only as in the past, continue to provide after-sales service, in the future to provide new and innovative solutions and services.”

Highlights on solar energy accumulated in more than 50 years of sharp management customer relationship, the solar energy sector accumulated skills and knowledge: “after we complete the funding procedures, Hon Hai will pour all have production technology and the resources, to strengthen the competitiveness of sharp’s Solar business.

Original title: Terry GOU, stating: “will devote all resources to strengthen the cause of sharp solar competitiveness”

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