Issued by the Ministry of land and resources in 2016 national land use plans

Arctic star solar PV network news: this year up land plans to land using general planning for control, implemented 3 years scroll prepared, and points annual issued; on national poverty development work focus County each county arrangements added construction with to plans, on 2015 State big supervision by praised units award added construction with to plans; on the provinces city 2015 years not completed disposal of idle land,, area deductions 2016 years plans

Recently, land resources Department issued on issued straddling 2016 national land using plans of notification, clear to strengthening and improved land plans management, from this year up land plans to land using general planning for control, implemented 3 years scroll prepared, and points annual issued, and manpower added and flow construction with to, added construction with to plans, and urban and rural construction with to increases or decreases linked plans, and mining abandoned to reclamation using plans while issued.

Notification requirements, levels land resources competent sector to to land using general planning determine of construction with to scale for based, straighten out planning plans relationship, to land plans refinement implementation land using planning target; to and manpower future 3 years various the industry with to arrangements, in-depth analysis local economic social development situation, strengthening and regions the sector communication convergence, guarantees with to needs, improve plans of scientific and targeted; to according to framed total, and qualified capacity, and activate stock, and do excellent incremental, and improve quality of requirements, Integrated and new construction land use plans, linked to the increase or decrease in plan and abandoned mine land reclamation plan, the implementation of construction land total amount and intensity control, progressive reduction of cultivated land occupied by new construction, increase the intensity of cultivated land in addition to the stock used to activate and to implement the strictest possible system for protecting farmland and economical use of system.

Integrated land planning. Should give full play to the guiding role of the plan, active service supply side structural reform, upholding the principle of distinction, maintain pressure, reasonable arrangement of land planning, promote the coordinated development of regional, rural and urban, industrial. A focus on supporting infrastructure. Land of various provinces and municipalities plan to provide transportation, water conservancy, energy, infrastructure and military construction. Second is a new land for urbanization and industrial development. Land plans to tilt and features small towns to small cities, development potential and attract more people to the town of County seats and key tilt. To retirement, tourism, logistics and photovoltaic industries, new industries and new formats and public entrepreneurship, innovative development of peoples, of new land for agriculture main building auxiliary facilities, to arrange a separate project. Third, give priority to people’s livelihood. Invest more in education, health care, culture, and public facilities and other projects to support. In accordance with the requirements, special arrangements for low-income housing projects. On peasants ‘ houses, press release 5% separate provinces of the total municipal land use plans shall not be diverted to any other use, such as savings continued to be carried over the following year for farmers ‘ housing.

Implementation of land planning support and incentives. Increase poverty alleviation crucial support, new building site plan, linked to the increase or decrease in plan and abandoned mine land reclamation plan to the poor areas. The national focus of poverty-alleviation counties, State special schedule every county new construction land use plan 600 acres, all relevant provinces in the breakdown release plan to separately, and to ensure the implementation of key poverty alleviation counties. Allows centralized even impoverished areas, the national focus of poverty-alleviation counties, and poor old pothook savings indicator in the context of provincial circulation using fully manifesting land value increment, to help push the crucial for poverty eradication. Incentives for implementation of land planning. According to the relevant requirements of the State Council, jinzhong city, Shanxi province, more than 20 cities (States) of leting, Hebei province, more than 20 counties (cities, districts) were rewarded added construction land use plan 5000 acres, 1000 acres. Meanwhile, the provinces and cities in 2015 did not complete the disposal of idle land, areas deductions planned for 2016.

Original title: issued by the Ministry of land and resources in 2016, the national land use plan

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