Japan PV demand Panasonic solar closes a 270MW battery plant

Polaris solar PV net news: Panasonic releases 2016 fiscal year financial results yesterday, reporting their Eco Solutions business dropped 3% dropped to 1.61 trillion yen (about 14.8 billion US dollars). In addition, the Division’s profit fell to 78.4 billion yen, or 18%, profit margins of only 5%.

Panasonic said decline was mainly due to Japan sales decline for residential solar photovoltaic systems. According to Japan-related media reports, due to market demand lagged, the company shut down its Japan a 270MW photovoltaic plant.

Panasonic heterojunction design for residential and small business market to provide efficient PV modules. And Panasonic are not the only company reported Japan market decline, Kyocera reported this week its PV module Business Division revenue fell.

A year ago, Japan will be less than 10kW of electricity price per kWh subsidy cut to 33 yen (US $ 0.31), Peel under 11%. Although compared to other countries, this level is still high, but Japan’s system of high costs.

Japan solar PV Association (JPEA) found that in 2015, after the peak in the first three months, Japan quarterly decline in shipments of photovoltaic cells and modules.

Panasonic car and battery storage business investment in the future growth of auto and industrial sectors affecting the performance of the system. In cooperation with Tesla and Panasonic NV-building the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant, originally scheduled for early this year. (/Tina translation)

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