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Arctic star solar PV network news: this year Qian three months, PV small town within project cumulative investment 562.15 million Yuan, PV small town core of PV section create Park, and in the energy-saving new energy industry Park, and Sheng Thai PV, focus project construction and the investment introduction funding smooth advance, 160,000 square meters of PV small town venture Center is construction tender, construction of 25 a industry project in the has has 6 a completed construction and production…… Yesterday, reporters learned from the high-tech zone of xiuzhou district, is stepping up construction of photovoltaic town.

Town PV PV and PV manufacturing as the axis, to PV and PV tour for an extension of service, closely around the “PV concept” theme development in order to achieve “PV everywhere, every family with photovoltaic, PV for all” for the development of ideas, eventually a suitable for industry, livable, and tour “great convergence” characteristics of small towns. In accordance with the “Government guidance and market operation, Enterprise, social participation” development model, located in the building become the leading distributed scale application of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area, world’s leading photovoltaic technology research and innovation area, nationally known characteristics of photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing center and national industry support significant benchmark in new towns.

Create a joint innovation platform

According to PV technology frontier Highland of strategy positioning, xiuzhou PV small town to PV section create Park for subject, build a “political research Kinsuke with” joint operation platform, precision introduced authority research institutions, strengthened public detection certification service, play industry Fund oriented role, for some has development prospects of new PV battery technology, and core PV production equipment manufacturing technology, and PV power related technology and and of supporting of design, and detection, and integrated technology,, for joint research, To build local authority status of distributed PV photovoltaic technology research, PV town technical information for publishing to become the industry leader. At present, the University of new South Wales-Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai) PV Joint Institute for innovation, new langxin-new bright energy, cable Lowe signed new energy projects have also been assigned to photovoltaic Innovation Park.

According to PV photovoltaic intellectual promotion scheme, small town of xiuzhou district, in the area of intelligent manufacturing, through the device functionality, applications of industrial robots, construction industry, fully implement the management standards of the Internet, enterprise design intelligence in PV equipment and photovoltaic glass production factory, helping PV module manufacturers transform digital workshop, and encouraging enterprises to actively participate in intelligent improvement of national and provincial projects.

Perfect combination of architecture and PV

Photovoltaic infrastructure of the town reflects several major features, one of which is in the town of architectural design and construction of full space of photovoltaic panels. For example, a common rooftop solar photovoltaic panels to achieve full coverage in the Township and, in addition, PV glass curtain wall façade application, transforming vehicles, bicycles hood, use of water surfaces and tidal flats and channels, greenhouse, land and other resources, promoting the “Yue Kwong mutual complements” and “solar corridor” PV projects.

Towns reflect the PV function integration of public facilities in use, is the photovoltaic characteristics of small town infrastructure. It is reported that in some functional facilities such as street lights, traffic alerts, sign, telephone booths, meteorological and hydrological observation equipment above integrated photovoltaic modules and achieve self-sufficiency in electricity and small closed system energy storage.

New energy housing construction, is another feature of PV town construction. Rely on PV technology development and application, through the integration of photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power, biomass, new construction, high performance thermal insulation materials and components, efficient equipment and devices, intelligent management control system, town exploration, energy saving, energy storage, smart integration features of the new housing system.

Building integrated photovoltaics, PV town has made useful explorations. Reportedly, PV section create Park roof plans used photoelectric conversion rate reached 28% of solar as roofing PV array column, window, and curtain wall used light rate 90%, and photoelectric into rate 13% to 18% of crystal silicon PV solar as PV component, is expected to roofing PV Board area about 20,000 square meters, wall surface and window PV Board area about 20,000 square meters, years electricity will up 4 million-kilowatt Shi, through project model advance photoelectric building integration in Park of promotion.

Started the PV tourism brand

PV PV industry in the town will be in functioning based on the further development of its added value, developed derivatives such as science education, exhibition and tourism industry, attractions within the domain of organic tandem, designing new industrial tourism model, build new industrial tourism experience, enhance photovoltaic town brand value.

In the process of building, PV town design and green Sun, PV application of water blending style veranda. Full absorbed town-view integration ideas, small town into a big whole PV landscape. Use the hydrological resources of the Canal within the Township, to create wetlands. Careful planning design of tourism transportation routes, through the regional North-South corridors of open space through the veranda, achieving integration of photovoltaic applications, water characteristics and ecological environment showed. Better tourist infrastructure, such as travel direction, safety signs line the road and landscaping, and so on.

Industrial Tourism town travel is the focus. Town will pick up in the town of manufacturing enterprises in the future process in length with moderate number of processes, intelligent application of good facility, renovation of external environment, creating transparent factory visit. Transparent factory was manufacturing not only to visit, but comprehensive display of plant operations, including corporate history gallery, Omni-directional multi-angle product production process, including enterprise dominant production focuses, description of the process control system, as well as our staff, staff of life and entertainment facilities, sports activities, such as culture display.

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