New solar module production lines out of Taiwan decline in capacity

Polaris solar PV net news: in fact temporarily shut down after the component factory in Chunan, the new Sun also reported components plant in Hsinchu, will close at the end of May, and relocation to Viet Nam. At this point, the Taiwan local capacity even further.

New solar components production line completely out of

New daylight in Taiwan’s Chu Nan and each have a components factory in Hsinchu, and another company Aeon module capacity of 60MW. In January of this year, the new daylight shocked by the news of unexpected closure of the Chunan plant and battery factory in Hsinchu, some employees moved to the production line. New Sun says that’s because battery orders component requirements reduces the manpower deployment.

According to Taiwan media reports, new light on May 23, the outgoing component plant in Hsinchu, will be closed at the end of May, relocation and capacity to Viet Nam, preliminary planning capacity for 500~600MW. Than to the new daylight in original production capacity of 200MW (does not include Aeon 200MW of 60MW of Wujiang city, China), the new sunlight will move Taiwan all capacity, and in Viet Nam for additional expansion 300~400MW, is expected to open at the end of production.

As to the causes of emigration, the Apple daily pointed out, new light is because the Hsinchu plant’s lease expires in May, consideration of Taiwan component cost is too high, no economies of scale and therefore decided to close the factory overseas.

According to EnergyTrend’s research, sunlight in 2016 is expected to be the new global to 1GW capacity expansion, expansion plans will look at South-East Asia, also in line with new daylight operations. Viet Nam factory after the expansion is completed, the new solar module production capacity in the world will come to 700~800MW.

At present, the new solar cell global capacity expansion target for about 2.2GW,2016 years 2.5GW. In addition to the batteries and components, the new sunlight are also actively developing downstream power station and power plants also will be dominated by overseas.

Taiwan module capacity and lower

After the new daylight out of their capacity, Taiwan local capacity to further cut. Taiwan still has a component factory of the company, including: youngking, AUO, the same Yu, Ying Mao da, top grain, An Ji, etc. Taiwan companies for building component production line outside more, including AUO, new Sun, China and Crystal Aleo, taiji, Motech, Qiang Mao; capacity ratio, Taiwan accounts for a declining trend.

Under the influence of trade wars in recent years, and Taiwan set up component plants that have a high cost, Taiwan component plant in China, Southeast Asia and other overseas factories has increased. Although Taiwan’s new Government is committed to promoting new energy industry, and has launched a new solar installation targets, but its requirements are certified by the local component supply, there is no clear conclusion.

Original title: moving out of new solar production line, local capacity decrease

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