Over Europe as the most attractive emerging market for renewable energy

Polaris solar PV net news: Ernst renewable energy country attractiveness index report released this week (Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index), from the macro fundamentals, energy needs, policy implementation, project planning and technical potential of these five aspects of the world’s leading national and regional renewable energy investment attraction for comparison and analysis.

Said in a report, along with the general decline in European markets, renewable energy attractive investments in emerging markets is growing.

In 15 countries most attractive for investment in the United States, China and India are still in the top three. Di4-15wei followed by Chile, and Germany, and Brazil, and Mexico, and France, and Canada, and Australia, and South Africa, and Japan and the United Kingdom, and Morocco and Denmark. Among them, Chile, and Brazil, and Mexico, and Australia and South Africa and other emerging markets increased sharply, Europe, Germany, and France and the United Kingdom, North America, Canada and Asia Japan fell.

Reports said United States tops because the United States Government will delay the investment tax cuts implementation time, estimated that by 2021 United States wind power and solar power generating capacity will be added respectively 56 and 41 GW GW.

Germany limits on the proportion of renewable electricity at around 40%-45% Germany long-term renewable energy demand has brought about great uncertainty, particularly onshore wind.

Although Chile the country is small, but its massive investment in renewable energy program is very attractive. For Brazil, while the domestic economic downturn, Brazil renewable energy industry is showing remarkable growth potential, Brazil developed solar markets are attracting investors from around the world.

BenWarren, editor of the report, “said emerging markets are represented by the BRIC countries to an immeasurable step in energy industry reform. Last year, surpassing the total renewable energy investments in developing countries developed countries, especially in Latin America is growing very significantly. ”

Over Europe as the most attractive emerging market for renewable energy investments

Original title: Super Europe as the most attractive emerging markets of renewable energy investments

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